Saturday, November 02, 2019

DAG VAG - Trycke E För Mycke 7'' 1980

Dag Vag is a Swedish punk/rock/ska/reggae group and were formed 1977 in Stockholm under the name of Dag Vag & Svagsinta. The style of music was as punk as you could see on their first two songs 'Dimma' and 'När Vården Slår Till'. The band later shortened the name to simply Dag Vag and the music was now a mixture of different musical styles. The bands early punk sound became more and more reggae-style, and the band itself calls it "Trans-Continental Rock Reggae." Their first single under the name of Dag Vag contained the group's first hit, a reggae cover of Anita Lindblom's song 'Sånt Är Livet' (That's life). This was followed by a number of classic albums of different character, released at the record company Silence. Their popularity peak was in the 80s but they are still active today. During his career, Dag Vag sold over 300.000 albums, won a Rockvote with a few gold discs, danced naked on the roof, appeared in Ebba Forsberg 'Ebba-The Movie' and has become Sweden's most famous rock reggae band. In 1983 the band split and they played in other bands, followed by reunions in 1999 and they still active today.

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  1. Stig Vig, singer and bass player actually died in 2012 so calling the band active is a bit of an overstatement. They play about once a year to celebrate the memory of Stig Vig (Per-Åke Odeltorp).
    This is a Swedish version of The Selecter song Too Much Pressure