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Sunday, November 30, 2014

V/A - U-Boats Attack America!!! 1986

The Hamburg based label Weird System used to release songs of their records in a limited number of colored wax version (often limited to 1000 or even less) for our overseas punks. In the beginning the records were hand numbered too. Normally the records numbered higher than 1000 are in black vinyl. So this limited compilation licensed to and released by Flipside records in the U.S. only. A kind of Double Label edition. This American release showcases the greatest hits, as it were, of the label. All the bands here are still big ones in the german punk culture of the early 80's and serve up a series of blistering HC and punk cuts mandatory for those who don't have the original German recordings. Excellent, varied sampler. Weird system still exists today but it is not any longer that innovative Label it was in the early years. Today they focus on the re-release of old classics and a lot of compilations but on a very high level. Sad but true but they nearly stopped to release something fresh material. Last for this month, now I'm leavin' home to join the soccer match vs Dortmund.

2.Blutige Gesichter - NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES
3.Himmel Hilf! - BLUT+EISEN
5.Am Nächsten Tag - RAZZIA
7.Darf Ich Es Wagen Das Zu Sagen - BLUT+EISEN
8.Leichenberg - DAILY TERROR
10.Countdown - BLUT+EISEN
11.Explosion - TORPEDO MOSKAU
12.Check Your Visions - CRETINS
13.Schatten Über Geroldshofen - RAZZIA

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES - ...Bis Zum Bitteren Ende 1983

Now to an important band that always inspires me and whose music is way ahead of other bands even after so many years. The music of the Neurotic Arseholes offers predominantly melodic punk with frequent changes in tempo, routine breaks, harmonious guitar solos and the varied mix of styles prove the high musical quality of the talented four. The predominantly subtle political texts are partly German, partly English. The band was founded 1979 in Minden by bassist "Zahni" and guitarist "Kurt", who were inspired by John Peel's program Rock Today. The two had already released a punk fanzine in their home area. In 1980 singer Dierk (“Zombie”) and drummer “Der Kurze” joined the founders (Der Kurze got his pseudonym because he was fourteen years old when he joined the band, and thus about four years younger than his bandmates) and their first appearance took place 1981 in a youth center in Minden. Also in 1981, the quartet received a record contract with Karl-Ulrich Walterbach's label Aggressive Rockproduktionen, whereupon three pieces were recorded in Berlin in one day and published on the essential album Soundtracks Zum Untergang 2. A year later three tracks followed on the Underground Hits compilation and in 1983 the band's first LP, ...Bis Zum Bitteren Ende, was finally released. However, after the album production the collaboration between the band and Walterbach ended, as his label, now Noise International, began to concentrate on the production of metal bands in the mid 80s.

In 1984 they therefore switched to the Hamburg label Weird System, which initially released two new tracks on the brilliant Keine Experimente! Vol.II record before the second album Angst comes in 1985. Despite enthusiastic reviews, there were differences within the band, which therefore decided to break up and gave their official farewell concert on January 25, 1986 in the AJZ Bielefeld. Only for this occasion the Paradise EP (200 copies) was produced and released via Weird System and only sold that evening.

In 1986 the third and final slab Live... All' Die Jahre came out with recordings from the band's last concerts. Individual tracks were also re-released on other samplers of the label. After the split, the members went different ways, Der Kurze founded the band The Brides with guitarist "Kurt", but they never achieved professionalism, so the project was abandoned and Shorty hired himself out as a drummer in dance music bands. Only bass player Zahni, who recently played with the Drowning Roses, achieved a certain level of reputation with this band and was part of the opening act for NOFX on a USA tour.

In 1989 the four reformed and a smaller tour which was simply titled "Just For Fun Tour" was the result that delighted many fans, including myself. During the tour, the Just Do It For Fun EP was distributed with older unreleased recordings. The busy fanzine maker Karl-Heinz Stille took care of the production of the single, the idea for this record: it's a small gratitude from them to everyone who has stood by themselves and know who they are! - Karl-Ulrich Walterbach released a new edition of the debut LP in 1989 without paying royalties to the band, this led to a lengthy legal battle between the four and Walterbach. Then it became quiet around the Arseholes. In 1998 they surprisingly returned with the Melancholia EP and a smaller tour across Germany.

Important, a bloody must have and buy immediately!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

V/A - Life Is A Joke Vol.2 + Extra Album 1986

This post has been requested and I don't know who asked, anyway; sixteen bands from ten countries, this international compilation is the second one from the Hamburg based label Weird System series Life Is A Joke and I mean, the first record is the best from this. Here we have well known bands mixed with exotic stuff (Cyan Revue) and bands which don't interest me further. Don't get me wrong, this is a "nice" album and worth listen but when I think about the Keine Experimente comps. this serie looks a bit scarf. No matter, remarkable is the first release which was published in a limited edition as a double album with a gatefold sleeve and called "The Extra Album" and it's fuckin' rare and it's on board. In the end a good record but far from a classic.

1.Countdown - BLUT+EISEN
2.Psych-Out 129 - ANGRY SAMOANS
3.School Days - THE SQUIRT
4.Human Error - SUBHUMANS
5.Cyanide Repressative - CYAN REVUE
6.Eye For An Eye - C.O.C.
8.Reciprocate - THE DEPRAVED
9.Everybody Makes Me Barph - FANG
10.Let's Go Buy A Pizza - I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVY
11.Alles Geht Weiter - TORPEDO MOSKAU
12.A Kid's Game - N.V. BOYS
14.Criminal World - FALLOUT
15.Brain Damage - SOME WEIRD SIN

Thursday, October 13, 2016

INOCENTES - Adeus Carne 1987

So, one is still going and we cross the atlantic and stop in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. The Inocentes were formed 1981 and with their first record Miséria E Fome, released 1983, they get my full attention. Two of the four tracks appeared on the Life Is A Joke compilation via Weird System and both are fuckin' killers (I think you know the songs) but first they contributed four smasher on the Brazilian comp. Grito Suburbano from 1982. During their first incarnation in the first half of the 1980s, the band played basic energetic and politically charged hardcore punk. This record is their first full length on WEA and unfortunately not so aggressive as in their early days, a pity. But the gentlemen are very active and have continuously produced albums and are still alive. Not a bad album but I would have wished more hardcore.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

V/A - Kulturschock Attacke #2 1987

An excellent follow-up to Volume 1 is Kulturschock Attacke numero two on Broken Rollbrett Records and belongs for me to the most important D-Punk compilations like those by Weird System and AGRTwenty-two true nuggets are on here from bands that were either newly formed at the time and released their first recordings here, some only made it to a demo, others released some brilliant records (find them in this theater)Some songs are really exceptionally good, for example Result Of Boredom, Pestlilence, Silent Rate, F.O.H. or Catholic Sperms, whose songs are almost the highlights for me and which I would have believed had the potential for a great future in the Eighties. But the other musical outpourings are also worth listening to and I give these two volumes full marks; GREAT GERMAN NOISE ATTACK! Now I'm snipping four kilos of strawberries I've picked myself and in the afternoon there's the delicious SGE BurgerIs life great sometimes? Yes, it is!

1.Our Last Fun - PESTILENCE
2.Im Namen Des Volkes - CIRCLE OF SIG-TIU
3.Deutschland Ist Tot - THE CROWDS
4.Night In The City - RESULT OF BOREDOM
5.Fuck Off Pessimism - RESULT OF BOREDOM
6.Wir Waren Helden Für Einen Tag - INZEST
8.Politiker (Dein Leben) - FLAG OF HATE
9.Mallorca Dreams - ÄNI(X)VÄX
10.American Choices - MEMENTO MORI
11.Strychninie - SUBNARCOTICS
12.Nikotin - BLANKER HOHN
13.Give Me Some Life - SILENT RITE
14.Von Gott Gesandt - DIE GOTTGESANDTEN
16.Alcoholic Tendencies - TALKIN' TO THE TOILET
17.Sisters Are Worse - CATHOLIC SPERMS
18.Tribute To An Unknown - CATHOLIC SPERMS
20.Fortschritt - ALPTRAUM GMBH
21.Viele Tausend - ALPTRAUM GMBH
22.Die Hand Satans - LIANED

Sunday, January 02, 2022

...BUT ALIVE - Für Uns Nicht 1993

Welcome 2022 and the first post belongs to a band that I appreciate very much and whose music is one of the best of the nineties and thus gave an important part of the lame movement of that time new input. Krawehl, Krawehl was their first demo from 1991 (connoisseurs know immediately who gave this words), and it soon attracted the interest of the Hamburg label Weird System, which finally signed the band. - The quartet But Alive was one of the most influential German punk bands until 1999 and were, alongside Wizo, Boxhamsters and Dackelblut, at the forefront of German punk movement for four records and seven years. Actually started as a small fun band, the political claim developed more and more as a permanent trademark of the group. Spurred on by German formations such as EA80 and, above all, Slime, But Alive quickly became one of the biggest mouthpieces of the intellectual punk scene. Because of their left-radical and highly political lyrics, ...But Alive should not be equated with the blunt slogans of the "Mob & Gesocks" punks. Their message is hidden in demanding lyrics, which often wrong interpreted (also from punks itself). After a few bass players, there is finally the line-up around Marcus (vocals/guitars), Hagen (guitars), Torben (bass), Frank (drums). They made four very good albums, of which more will appear soon in this theatre. Für Uns Nicht is a great debut, arranged sharply and fluently and with lyrics that get to the point, they spoke out what is wrong in this world and that fourteen times. The first 500 copies in blue vinyl, my copy. Enough useless words, nobody cares anyway, enjoy the music and look forward to an interesting new music year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

KILLER PRALINEN - s/t 12'' 1982

Killer Pralinen is a combo from Frankfurt, my hometown, and emerged from Middle Class Fantasies, and consisted of Deo (vocals), Judas (guitars), Prinz Hulk (bass) and TG (drums) and to document the cut, they decided to change their name to Killer Pralinen. Musically, elements from the avant-garde were adopted. They moved away from the fast and hard punk style which they presented gloriously in their few publications, towards post-punk in the style of Killing Joke and UK Decay. In 1982 the band released their only 12'' on Aggressive Rockproduktionen which flopped and really disappointed the punk hearts in Germany, but now a sought-after rarity. Tensions within the band spread and they played again in front of an almost empty hall in Bochum and then dissolved. Today; after Prinz Hulk and TG so also Deo passed away a few years ago. Over the years and not least because of their participation on the first Soundtrack Zum Untergang compilation, the band became cult status of the German punkscene. Their recordings were distributed via bootlegs. In addition, some songs appeared again and again on compis, such as Party In The Gaskammer on the anti-Nazi compilation Nazis Raus!, published by Zap Fanzine and Weird System, etc.... When inquiries accumulated, Deo recorded five older but never published songs from the Killer Pralinen era together with Michael "11" Mayer and Stephan Mahler from Slime which were 2007 published on the complete discography of Middle Class Fantasies under the title Fick Dich Selbst by WS.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

CRETINS - Live @ The Set-A-Lite 7'' 1987

The Cretins from Hanover are a German punk which I like a lot. Founded 1979 by M.O.F. Remmington (vox), Tier (drums), Trans Barbie (bass) and Hoss (guitars) and a few play also in Blut+Eisen. Their debut 7inch came out 1980 on No Fun Records and is a damn cool record with three killer tracks, Heimkind is one of my favourite Cretins songs. No wonder this cracker was re-released in 2005 with three live cuts (No Fun Festival 1980) on the b-side. After the release of the Keine Experimente II (a must have and coming soon!) compilation on Weird System the label put out a 10Inch called Man Between Walls in a limited edition of 1000 copies in 1985 and the bands sound goes more into a guitar rock direction but this not affects the punk factor. The last release is under the bandname is rare 7inch on Saturn Records and these two songs were recorded live January 1987 in Berlin @ the Quartier Latin through the Set-A-Lite concert and there exist also a video from this gig but I never see this elsewhere. Well, I will post soon their 10Inch and the Cretins changed then into Fun Fun Crisis and released a Mini-Album which is also great, Cheers, Donut! Well, the bands sound is really cool and I can't them throw away from my turntable. Enjoy this little rocket, the last for today, I leave home and ride to the stadium against Hertha BSC, for more three points!

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

WIPERS - Youth Of America 1981

Hello everyone and welcome September and I want to start with a record that comes first in my personal TopTen, next to other brilliant ones, and this slab is an absolutely must have! Anyone who visits my blog knows that I'm a big Wipers fan, it's not for nothing that I tattooed the logo on my forearm. Youth Of America is in my opinion their best record, every song is a blast and 'When It's Over' is a striking example of the band's sound, a splendid intro, a bit psychedelic but driving and rhythmic like the sea, my favourite tune, but the remaining five songs also keep the level high and I can only turn it up at full volume. I don't know how often I've already penetrated my neighbors in my ecstasy (they never complained because they know I'm a nice bastard) but listen carefully and you can feel how the music takes possession of you. Search the net for reviews and you will see me confirmed. Greg (vocals/guitars), Dave (bass), Brad (drums) recorded this milestone at Wave Sound Studios and was released via Park Avenue Records, I have the German licensed copy from Weird System, the great Hamburg label that published essential slabs themselves. Here you have some short infos: Wipers was a recording project formed in 1977 by Greg Sage in Portland. First conceived as a studio project, they originally planned to release fifteen LPs over ten years and completely avoid doing tours or interviews. They disbanded in 1989 after releasing six studio albums, but reformed in 1993 to release three more albums. They disbanded for good in 1999. I'm putting the record a dozen times a year because I need this music to deal with all the shit out there and believe me.... that's soooooo good! I have re-upped all previous Wipers posts, if something down, use the comment section.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


One of my favorite records is the debut by Fullerton's Adolescents on Frontier Records, also known as The Blue Album due to its cover design. Recorded after guitarist Rikk Agnew and drummer Casey Royer joined the band, it features several songs written for their prior group, the Detours, including "Kids Of The Black Hole" and "Amoeba", which became two of the Adolescents' most well-known songs. Adolescents was one of the first hardcore punk albums to be widely distributed throughout the United States, and became one of the best-selling California hardcore albums of its time. The band never toured in support of it, and broke up four months after its release. The Blue Album lineup of Rikk, Casey, guitarist Frank Agnew, bassist Steve Soto and singer Tony Cadena reunited several times in subsequent years, but only for brief periods. This is Weird System version with the Welcome To Reality EP as bonus. There's lots of information, reviews about the slab in the net so I save more words except: a damn must!

Monday, November 24, 2014

KOMA KOMBO - Aufgepaßt Zugefaßt! 1983

Fuckin' rare mini 12'' from Hamburg by Koma Kombo, a band who put their first two songs on the debut release via the great Hamburg label Weird System, the legendary Waterkant Hits Compilation, in 1983. And after this Koma Kombo released this explosive record (maybe the same recordin' session) via KO Records, comes with lyric-sheet and in multi-colored and black vinyl. Mike Stanger (ex-singer of The Buttocks) on guitar, Eugene Honold (editor of "Pretty Vacant" fanzine) on drums, Clemens Schilling (vocals), Peter Tanke (bass) and Detlef & Frank, two guest guitarists, they recorded eight songs: offensive shouting, aggressive lyrics, melodic & snotty garage punk sound and then quickly passed. Even Franz-Josef Strauß comes here to speak, cool pad, haha.. - This is the worst thing about good records, they are just too short! Yeah, but who wants to listen to synthetic heavy metal shit with long unnecessary solos??? Let's have fun with this catchy record and enjoy!

Friday, November 05, 2021

CRETINS - Man Between Walls 10'' 1985

Hanover 1978, the Ramones number (Cretin Hop) makes the choice of the future band name easier for a couple of 13-18 year olds on their way to fame and fortune. But before they start, the instrument distribution is drawn quickly during the first practice: Mof-Remmington R. (vocals/guitars/keys), Andrew B.Evans (guitars), Frank G. T. Holl. E. Wood (bass), Carl Cesario (drums). The first gigs followed and also the first vinyl releases, a song on the legendary Hannover Fun Fun Fun compilation (recorded at the Glockensee Festival in March 1980) and their first EP Samen In Darm, both on NoFun Records. A long pause begins shortly afterwards. In 1984 the Cretins came back with a slight change in line-up and Weird System released the superb Split 7Inch with the befriended band Blut+Eisen and two more songs on the Keine Experiemente! II compilation. A year later this 10Inch followed on white vinyl, 1000 copies, and with six melodic pieces that clearly no longer have the hard punk sound of their initial phase and are already clearly taking a different musical direction. Another single followed in 1987 and then the Cretins were buried to devote themselves to new projects, which that is will come soon.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

V/A - Flops Of The Pops 1991

Ohhh, what a great evening I had, thanks to my friends (which was magic). Well, it's a tradition that a lot of punk record labels (mostly german, for example: AGR, Weird System, Double AA, etc...) use for their first publication a compilation LP. It shows in what direction the label goes & they prefer and what we, the users, can expect. Incognito Records put out their debut LP in 1991 and with bands from all over this planet. The label is known for their awesome '77 punkrock classics and they're always up for a surprise. As far as I know all these songs were not anywhere published and therefore this is plate a rare piece of round black vinyl, containing a 16-page booklet and at lasta pretty D.I.Y. cover. The eyes are satisfied and I promise you the music does too!

1.Hitchhyker - THE RAGS
2.Outside - WOMBELS
4.Rhedeg I Paris - ANHREFN
5.Rollercoaster - GLAMOUR GHOULS
6.Lottery - BROKEN TOYS
7.Mä Lähen Himaan - KLAMYDIA
9.9 To 5 The World - THE LOUD
10.No.1 - PROBLEM
11.I Hate Cocks - DIE MÄDELS
12.Nackt Unter Kannibalen - THE LENNONS
13.Keine Zeit 18 Zu Sein - KULTHUREN
14.What's Wrong With Me? - URGE
15.Disco Is Not Dead - KUD IDIJOTI

Thursday, June 08, 2017

SIEGER 1957 - Regen Über Tokio EP 1982

The releases from the Bremen based label Heimat Records are always interesting. Musically, they move between early German Punk, NDW or experimental stuff and sure some redundant records including. I like the label because they set not specifically in one direction such as AGR or Weird System did, rather they gave bands from Bremen and surrounding areas the chance to put their music among the people. They wanna stay small and nowadays Heimat plates are extremely rare and precious. If I can catch one, I don't hesitate. About Sieger 1957 there is not much to tell. A few members were active in AGM, the best punk band in Bremen, and this is their only release. Three tracks you like or dislike. It starts with a reggae tune, sax-intro and lapping comfortably forward. No real Punk cracker at all but nice playing as well. 'Aufstand In Der Badewanne (Riot In The Bathtub)' attracts the pace and is a nice two minute NDW/Punk goodie. The last one 'Europa' is the best for me here, much music like an instrumental and good lyrics about living in our narrow Europe. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NORMAHL - Der Adler Ist Gelandet 1984

I think this record was a request by a visitor from the babbelstub and I'm chaotic and forget a lot but here I am sure. This is the third 12'' by Normahl, founded 1978 in Winnenden, near Stuttgart. Released via Mülleimer Records and as a cool bonus were the songs from the rare Stuttgart Über Alles EP packed, eine tolle Sache. The band had unfortunately never the reputation like the other German bands on AGR or Weird System although they wrote brilliant music with offensive lyrics (especially on this album). They were put into the fun-punk drawer and so they had this stigma on their throats. Sure, many songs go in this direction but I think Normahl have recognized the signs of the time and they want fun and brought clear their attitude and political statement over and take no leaf before the mouth. Well, this record is one of their best and was even released in red vinyl. A German classic!

Sunday, May 08, 2022

BLUT+EISEN - Fleisch Rollt 7'' 1984

Your butcher recommends WS 006, one of the rarest releases from Weird System and Blut+Eisen is one of my favorite German Punk bands which consisted of Capri Schotte (vocals), Super Slinky (guitars), Krösus (bass), Karl (drums), and the music of the four is absolutely settled in the top league of the Punk universe. Dynamic nervous, screechy thrashers with a sudden chorus and sharp guitar parts who pump the shit out of your fucking brainThe band's name refers to a well-known statement by our first Reich Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, that the big decisions in history are not made through speeches and majority decisions, but only through blood+iron. The lyrics of Blut+Eisen are sometimes a bit funny, no screaming phrases, but on the other hand the necessary "seriousness" is not neglected. Pretty pissed 7Inch and b.t.w., all German posts are re-upped you fuckers.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

V/A - Life Is A Joke 1984

A collection of Punkrock, Hardcore and high energy noise from around this planet. Yeah, exactly and this is the first part of this mini serie, a total of three compilations exist, shot from the Hamburg label Weird System in the 80s into the orbit. I remember at that time I was interested in the publications of the label and bought a lot of records, together with AGR the most important in Germany for essential punkrock. While AGR put its focus on German bands gave the Hamburger international bands the chance to send their demos to them and connections were established, lots of plenty stuff roll in and so they created some damn cool records with awesome songs/bands which are, in my opinion, nowadays belong to the best ever. Life Is A Joke is full with rare tracks, partly nowhere else published, Volume 2 was released as a limited double LP, all records numbered and the first presses come in colorful vinyl, always in an elaborate artwork, made in Germany! 

1.Red Threat - FANG
3.Miseria E Fome - INOCENTES
4.Oblivion - HYSTERIA
5.The Buck Stops Here - CIVIL DISSIDENT
6.Capital Investment - RIOT SQUAD S.A.
7.Der Söldner - RAZZIA
8.Sota (Endless Version) - TERVEET KÄDET
9.Fuckin' Shit - SHIT S.A.
10.Enorm In Form (Manchmal Träum' Ich Vom Holzbein) - RAZZIA
11.Silent Hate - HYSTERIA
12.Revive Tu Vida - SHIT S.A.
13.Fun With Acid (Ill Version) - FANG
14.Aprendi A Odiar - INOCENTES
16.Message - TERVEET KÄDET
18.Mirror Of Deception - CIVIL DISSIDENT

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

BUZZCOCKS - Total Pop 1987

Rare, Live And Great 1977-80, that's here including. Rare B-sides & live cuts (from the Roxy recordings), released via Weird System. A bit wiki info: Buzzcocks were formed in Bolton 1976 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Pete Shelley and singer-songwriter Howard Devoto. They are regarded as a seminal influence on the Manchester music scene, the independent record label movement, punk rock, power pop and pop punk. They achieved commercial success with singles that fused pop craftsmanship with rapid-fire punk energy. These singles were collected on Singles Going Steady, described by critic Ned Raggett as a "punk masterpiece". Devoto and Shelley chose the name "Buzzcocks" after reading the headline, "It's the Buzz, Cock!", in a review of the TV series Rock Follies in Time Out magazine. The "buzz" is the excitement of playing on stage; "cock" is northern English slang meaning "friend". They thought it captured the excitement of the nascent punk scene, as well as having humorous sexual connotations following Pete Shelley's time working in a Bolton adult shop. Per the band, there is no "the" in Buzzcocks. Devoto left the band in 1977, after which Pete Shelley became the principal singer-songwriter. Shelley died on 6 December 2018, but the band has remained active with guitarist and co-founding member Steve Diggle assuming lead vocal duties. They added a new guitarist Mani Perazzoli. They are still touring and draw in large crowds from around the world. A decent compilation, I think, full with the band's classics.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

TRIEBTÄTER - Hass & Krieg 1984

Cool German Punk from Stuttgart by Triebtäter, founded 1980 and Corpus (vocals), Johnny (guitars), Peter (bass) and Willy (drums) have set with their fifteen striking bangers an exclamation point and brought via Rat Records on our turntables. Solid masterpiece that fits seamlessly with classics from AGR or Weird System. In 1992 Incognito Records released a six track EP with demos from 1982 as part of the 333 x Up & Down series and present on numerous tape compilations. Shortly after Hass & Krieg the band unfortunately broke up.

Monday, December 07, 2020


Puhhhh, a little tired from the hard weekend and all re-upp requests must wait until next week. Now Verlorene Unschuld, formed 1981 in Berlin by Raymond (vocals), Andreas & Straftat (guitars), Jörg (bass), Michael (drums) and they won the Senatsrockwettbewerb in the same year (a competition of Berlin bands), resulting in a government financed but self-distributed 7" production (1200 copies) and a sponsored gig in the capital. They signed to Pool/Teldec and produced one more single and a rare 12Inch. This nice piece of wax on Berlin Rock News is their debut vinyl and is not really a punk record & a bit atypical for Berlin bands at that time, we all know the AGR and Weird System bands but V.U. are a little different and have their own charm and delight us with three catchy mid-tempo goodies.