Thursday, 8 June 2017

SIEGER 1957 - Regen Über Tokio EP 1982

The releases from the Bremen based label Heimat Records are always interesting. Musically, they move between early German Punk, NDW or experimental stuff and sure some redundant records including. I like the label because they set not specifically in one direction such as AGR or Weird System did, rather they gave bands from Bremen and surrounding areas the chance to put their music among the people. They wanna stay small and nowadays Heimat plates are extremely rare and precious. If I can catch one, I don't hesitate. About Sieger 1957 there is not much to tell. A few members were active in AGM, the best punk band in Bremen, and this is their only release. Three tracks you like or dislike. It starts with a reggae tune, sax-intro and lapping comfortably forward. No real Punk cracker at all but nice playing as well. 'Aufstand In Der Badewanne (Riot In The Bathtub)' attracts the pace and is a nice two minute NDW/Punk goodie. The last one 'Europa' is the best for me here, much music like an instrumental and good lyrics about living in our narrow Europe. Check it out!

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  1. Thank you very much for this new German's oddity.Have a nice weekend ;)