Saturday, 24 September 2016

CRETINS - Live @ The Set-A-Lite 7'' 1987

The Cretins from Hanover are a German punk which I like a lot. Founded 1979 by M.O.F. Remmington (vox), Tier (drums), Trans Barbie (bass) and Hoss (guitars) and a few play also in Blut+Eisen. Their debut 7inch came out 1980 on No Fun Records and is a damn cool record with three killer tracks, Heimkind is one of my favourite Cretins songs. No wonder this cracker was re-released in 2005 with three live cuts (No Fun Festival 1980) on the b-side. After the release of the Keine Experimente II (a must have and coming soon!) compilation on Weird System the label put out a 10Inch called Man Between Walls in a limited edition of 1000 copies in 1985 and the bands sound goes more into a guitar rock direction but this not affects the punk factor. The last release is under the bandname is rare 7inch on Saturn Records and these two songs were recorded live January 1987 in Berlin @ the Quartier Latin through the Set-A-Lite concert and there exist also a video from this gig but I never see this elsewhere. Well, I will post soon their 10Inch and the Cretins changed then into Fun Fun Crisis and released a Mini-Album which is also great, Cheers, Donut! Well, the bands sound is really cool and I can't them throw away from my turntable. Enjoy this little rocket, the last for today, I leave home and ride to the stadium against Hertha BSC, for more three points!

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