Wednesday, 31 December 2014

V/A - Flops Of The Pops 1991

Ohhh, what a great evening I had, thanks to my friends (which was magic). Well, it's a tradition that a lot of punk record labels (mostly german, for example: AGR, Weird System, Double AA, etc...) use for their first publication a compilation LP. It shows in what direction the label goes & they prefer and what we, the users, can expect. Incognito Records put out their debut LP in 1991 and with bands from all over this planet. The label is known for their awesome '77 punkrock classics and they're always up for a surprise. As far as I know all these songs were not anywhere published and therefore this is plate a rare piece of round black vinyl, containing a 16-page booklet and at lasta pretty D.I.Y. cover. The eyes are satisfied and I promise you the music does too!

1.Hitchhyker - THE RAGS
2.Outside - WOMBELS
4.Rhedeg I Paris - ANHREFN
5.Rollercoaster - GLAMOUR GHOULS
6.Lottery - BROKEN TOYS
7.Mä Lähen Himaan - KLAMYDIA
9.9 To 5 The World - THE LOUD
10.No.1 - PROBLEM
11.I Hate Cocks - DIE MÄDELS
12.Nackt Unter Kannibalen - THE LENNONS
13.Keine Zeit 18 Zu Sein - KULTHUREN
14.What's Wrong With Me? - URGE
15.Disco Is Not Dead - KUD IDIJOTI

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