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Sunday, August 08, 2021

DEAD KENNEDYS - Too Drunk To Fuck 7'' 1981

Well, I don't think I have to say much about this band, only that this is my all time favorite Dead Kennedys single and just like the title song it describes, once I was very drunk and had a horny lady with me, but I couldn't do anything except snore... well friends, that's another story. This is one reason I like this record, the other is the band shows once more their versatility which underlines Jello's fantastic songwriting, on one hand the typical DK Fetzer on the a-side and a rather unusual 'quiet' song on the flip. This is terrific! I don't know any US band that masters it so gandlessly. 

A few facts: Too Drunk To Fuck was the fourth single by the DK's. The record was released in May 1981 on Cherry Red Records with The Prey as the B-side.The single reached Number 36 in the UK Singles Chart, although it was not stocked in some record shops because of its provocative title. It was the first UK Top 40 single to include the word "fuck" in its title. It was banned from Radio 1 airplay by the BBC. In chart listings, it was usually referred to as "Too Drunk To". When it reached the Top 40, presenter Tony Blackburn referred to it simply as "a record by a group calling themselves the Dead Kennedys". The Dead Kennedys supplied a sticker for some record stores who took offense to the title which said, "Caution: You are the victim of yet another stodgy retailer afraid to warp your mind by revealing the title of this record so peel slowly and see..."

The song features a heavy surf rock/garage rock riff from guitarist East Bay Ray and satirical lyrics from Jello Biafra that paint a trenchant picture of an outrageous, moronic party. The song ends with a sound of a man vomiting. After the rest of the band were awarded the rights to the Dead Kennedys material, they licensed "Too Drunk to Fuck" for use in the film Grindhouse. Almost immediately, Biafra criticized his former bandmates, specifically citing the song (a cover by Nouvelle Vague) being used in a rape scene in the movie, saying "Some people will do anything for money." The rest of the band responded in kind, challenging him to donate his share of the money to charity.

You will never be disappointed with any record of this great combo that is indispensable when we talkin' about punkrock; today, tomorrow and in all times!!!

Friday, February 04, 2022

DEAD KENNEDYS - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death LP + Flexi 7'' 1987

When I say goodbye I wanna be buried with this record. Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death is the last amazing album by the brilliant Dead Kennedys, my favorite band from the States, which appeared on Jello's Alternative Tentacles label after their dissolution in 1986. And it's become a compilation with all their 7Inch tracks plus rare live goodies, an awesome farewell by a great bandI quote the wiki entry here because these are really fitting words for this album I think: "The album consists of songs (or in some cases, different versions of songs) that were not released on the band's studio albums. The original vinyl version had tracks 16 and 17 on an extra flexi disc. The album was certified gold by both BPI and the RIAA in December 2007. The title is a play on the ultimatum by Patrick Henry, "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!", and is intended as a commentary on American consumerism. Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death was the last Dead Kennedys album that Biafra approved the production of, which also led to it being the last album released through Alternative Tentacles.

The slab includes "Pull My Strings", which was played only once on March 25, 1980, when Dead Kennedys were invited to perform at the Bay Area Music Awards in front of music industry bigwigs to give the event some "new wave credibility". The band spent the day of the show practicing "California Über Alles", the song they were asked to play. About 15 seconds into the song Jello Biafra said, "Hold it! We've gotta prove that we're adults now. We're not a punk rock band, we're a new wave band." The band, who all wore white shirts with a big, black S painted on the front, pulled black ties from around the backs of their necks to form a dollar sign, then started playing "Pull My Strings", a satirical attack on the ethics of the mainstream music industry. The song also referenced the Knack's biggest hit, "My Sharona". The song was never recorded in the studio but this performance, the only time the song was ever performed, was included on the album.

Also included is "Night Of The Living Rednecks", which was recorded during a show in Portland, Oregon in 1979. East Bay Ray snapped a string on his guitar as the band finished their song "Chemical Warfare", and to pass the time Jello decided to tell a story, with an accompanying bebop-style instrumental from the rest of the band, about how on the last trip the band made to Portland, he had a confrontation with some "dumb rich kids" in a "life-size Hot Wheels car" that involved him throwing a rock at their vehicle after they sprayed water on him and later trapping himself in a telephone booth when they retaliated."

In principle, there is only one word for this record: Masterpiece! In the file I have attached the booklet as pdf, if you prefer jpeg click on the orange button.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

DEAD KENNEDYS - Jello's Revenge [Live '79+'85]

Classic stuff today with the Dead Kennedys, an American punk band formed in San Francisco, California 1978. Pioneers of hardcore punk during the 1980s, the band gained a large underground following in the international punk music scene. This is all I write about them. The Dead Kennedys influenced me total and after my first listening my resolution was fixed to be a punkrocker. Finally I discovered the life style I wanted. Best US punk band ever. Songs 1-10 recorded at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, California on October 25, 1979 and 11-21 recorded live at The Farm in San Francisco on May 24, 1985. The 1979 tracks are sequenced in a different order than they were actually played. This bootleg omits some of Jello's talking between songs. Both shows were originally mastered and are a must have.

Police Truck/Holiday In Cambodia/Chemical Warfare/Ill In The Head/Short Songs/California Über Alles/Kill The Poor/Funland At The Beach/When Ya Get Drafted/Dread Locks Of The Suburbs/Take This Job & Shove It/Macho Insecurity/Man With The Dogs/Soup Is Good Food/Too Drunk To Fuck/MTV Get Off The Air/A Child And His Lawnmower/One Way Ticket To Pluto/Lie Detector/Goons Of Hazard/Let's Lynch The Landlord

Sunday, July 24, 2022

DEAD KENNEDYS - In God We Trust Inc. 12'' 1981

The hardest record by the Dead Kennedys, which certainly needs little review here. Famous songs, clear announcements, provocative and brute or as Ned Ragett from allmusic puts it briefly: "Arguably the sheer speed and lack of any subtlety throughout most of this eight-song EP means there's less to talk about in terms of deathless songs and more in the way of sheer breathless anger and rage." Even the album name is a punch to the American heart and the great cover, created by Winston Smith, reflects perfectly the emotional intensity and dissatisfaction of Jello & Co. in these days and makes this little mini-album one of the best the DK's made, in my opinion. A fucking explosion and who has heard this splendid music once will never be the same again. The Dead Kennedys are and will remain an icon of American Punk and are still my top favorites from the San Francisco Area.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

V/A - Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club 1980

A decent live compilation by PVC Records/Gammon Records is this little record which was recorded at the legendary Deaf Club in San Francisco with local bands. The Deaf Club was a notable music venue located on Valencia Street for two years until closure in december 1980 and many cool bands performed there as you can see on the insert. Recorded on a mobile 8 track during early 1979 and it's a testament to the authentic underground punk and "new wave" scene during that period in San Francisco's music history.

1.Police Truck - DEAD KENNEDYS
2.Short Songs - DEAD KENNEDYS
3.Straight A's - DEAD KENNEDYS
4.Dying In The U.S.A. - K.G.B.
5.Picture Frame Seduction - K.G.B.
6.Hundred Dollar Limo - OFFS
7.Die Babylon - OFFS
8.I've Got The Handle - OFFS
9.Tribute To Russ Meyer - MUTANTS
10.Monster Of Love - MUTANTS
11.Jane Blank - PINK SECTION
12.Francine's List - PINK SECTION
13.Been In The Basement 30 Years - PINK SECTION
14.19th Nervous Breakdown - TUXEDO MOON
15.Heaven - TUXEDO MOON

Sunday, August 09, 2020

V/A - Not So Quiet On The Western Front 2LP 1982

Let's start the church service with a terrific compilation and I'm glad I wasn't allowed to rip it because such a mammoth work requires a lot of time and a comfortable chair, especially when there's a nice booklet with lots of information within. The material is not unknown in Blogland and I already had a copy, but this rip here is excellent, no wonder, because I know where it comes from. Released by Maximum RockNRoll (one of the best sources for objective reviews and band infos) on Alternative Tentacles as double album and features forty-seven Northern California and Nevada bands (a few known elsewhere, most not), and ranges from punk to hardcore and comes with 48-page zine on the bands. Since I'm lazy to write and I'm not a good reviewer anyway, you can find a fitting one on punknews and before I close, a quick footnote: the link runs through zippy and you have to activate your VPN. Finally, a metaphysical sentence from the back cover: "If Punk Is Dead, What The Hell Is This?" In this sense, enjoy the music!

1.Intensified Chaos - INTENSIFIED CHAOS
2.Their Mistakes - SOCIAL UNREST
3.Dan With The Mellow Hair - NAKED LADY WRESTLERS
4.Holocaust - M.A.D.
5.Rich Plastic People - KILLJOY
6.Fun With Acid - FANG
8.Collapse - RIBSY
9.Annihilation - CRUCIFIX
10.I Don't Wanna Die For My Country - SQUARE COOLS
11.Pay Salvation - LOS OLVIDADOS
12.What Price Will You Pay? - CODE OF HONOR
13.Fuck Your Amerika - 7 SECONDS
14.Race War - UNAWARE
15.Turmoil - FRIGIDETTES
16.Don't Conform - 5TH COLUMN
17.Shrunken Heads - GHOST DANCE
18.A Child And His Lawn Mower - DEAD KENNEDYS
19.All I Know - REBEL TRUTH
20.Learning Process - PARIAH
22.Praise The Lord / Pass The Ammunition - IMPATIENT YOUTH
24.Assassination Attempt - DEMENTED YOUTH
25.The Only Good Cop. . . - MDC
26.The Few, The Proud, The Dead - KARNAGE
28.Dead Porker - NBJ
29.Human Farm - WHIPPING BOY
30.Worker Bee - ANGST
31.Premature Enlistment - FREE BEER
32.Sacrifice - FLIPPER
33.No One Listens - VENGEANCE
34.S/M Nightmare - JUVINEL JUSTICE
35.Fat, Drunk, & Stupid - SECTION 8
36.Libyan Hit Squad - TONGUE AVULSION
37.Off To War - MANIAX
38.Strike Out - VICIOUS CIRCLE
39.Breakout - UXB
40.Shitcan - SCAPEGOATS
41.The Oven Is My Friend - CHURCH POLICE
42.Systems Suck - DEADLY REIGN
43.Dead Men Tell No Lies - NO ALTERNATIVE
44.Punk Is An Attitude - WRECKS
46.No More Riots - BENT NAILS
47.New Left - M.I.A.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

V/A - Wargasm 1982

This record is one more nugget in my opinion. Thirteen songs against war. I think it was the first release about this theme. Except the Dead Kennedys are all bands from the UK. The music here is a special mix of punkrock with keys, orchestra & old school. To me the Poisen Girls track is fuckin' brilliant, the strings intro, the slowly driving up to the proper rhythm is famously, I get goosebumps...huh. Also Captain Sensible's "Hey Jo" is a killer too. After The System on the 1st pressing of this record is a hidden track by The Insane. It wasn't supposed to be included & was deleted on later pressings. A great sampler which is unequaled on Pax Records.

2.Tapioca Sunrise - FLUX OF PINK INDIANS
3.White Coffins - CANKER OPERA
4.Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round - DEAD KENNEDYS
5.I Hate War - RAT SCABIES
6.Statement - POISEN GIRLS
8.The Kill - MAU MAUS
9.Victory For Poland - ANGELIC UPSTARTS
10.Their Decisions - THE SYSTEM
11.Fight Their Wars - THE INSANE
12.Power - INFA RIOT

Friday, September 05, 2014

DEAD KENNEDYS - Forward To Death 1981

Fantastic bootleg from the best American punk band all the time. Some releases have on the back cover a sticker with -Live In USA-, but I think that these recordings are from a gig in Stuttgart. Proof of this is that I once had a tape with the same songs and there stood: Live in Stuttgart, 14.November 1981, next Jello use the word Stuttgart in the song 'Bleed For Me' and why he should mention in the U.S. the word Stuttgart? And last but not least, the audience screams really 'Zugabe' and Heino is coming along and that can only be in Germany, right? The recordings are quite excellent and Jello's announcements about the songs is on world's top. This bootleg is by far the best of the Dead Kennedys (apart from the fact that the last song unfortunately breaks off in the middle...but Fuck!, that's the deal with bootlegs). As a small little bonus, I've packed the two songs from the flexi 'Give Me Convencience Or Give Me Death' LP in it. You must be satisfied.

Man With The Dogs/Forward To Death/Kepone Factory/Life Sentence/Trust Your Mechanic Moral Majority/Forest Fire/Winnebago Warrior/Police Jerk/Bleed For Me/Holiday In Cambodia Let's Lynch The Landlord/Chemical Warfare/Nazi Punks Fuck Off/Bigger Problem Now/Too Drunk To Fuck

Friday, September 02, 2016

DEAD KENNEDYS - Frankenchrist 1985

A perennial favorite in recent days is the third album (only genuine with the Giger poster) of the Dead Kennedys, inspired by the book by Alex Ogg DK, The Early Years that I have read during my vacation, I had to rip the album immediately and put it on my phone and have it with me. The book is great and I recommend anyone to read it. Why I chose Frankenchrist, well I like it therefore so much because the songs are extremely snappy, lyrically stunning sarcastic and Ray's guitar playing is exceptionally strong, the drums had little more power needed but fuck it. I must confess it's a long time since I last heard the DK's, and even after thirty years this sound is still fresh and the best from the states. Check the blog for further stuff and enjoy this happy music.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

TDK - Esto Es Una Empresa Capitalista 12'' 1985

Puh I'm really through, fantastic gig yesterday and can't wait to enjoy them again in Brighton. TDK (Terrorism, Destruction And Kaos) were a hardcore punk band born in Madrid, Spain in 1984. They exist about six years and released a couple of singles, an album and this 12''. Especially this record, managed to stick very strong in USA, where people from Black Flag and Dead Kennedys were impressed with the level shown by these guys. 80's spanish punk at its best by the underrated TDK, catchy punk rock with a dark edge, only comparable with Dead Kennedys or two of them previous band Espasmódicos.


Monday, January 14, 2019

DEAD KENNEDYS - The World Has Gone Down The Toilet 1984

A few re-upps are done so we come to today's post  with one more fine live stuff by the Dead Kennedys and this time recorded @ the W.O.W. Hall, Eugene/Oregon 17.11.1984 and comes via Dungeon Records, limited to 150 copies in red and transparent vinyl and the tracklist on the back is wrong the correct one below. I think I do not have to say more words and if it's a broadcast recording I don't know but the sound quality is relatively good. Of course, as usual with enchanting announcement of Jello and great stereo effects. A top start into tne new week, or?

Hop With The Jet Set (Fade In)/Dear Abby/Dog Bite/Trust Your Mechanic/Do The Slag/Moral Majority/MTV Get Off The AirLet's Lynch The Landlord/Lie Detector/I Kill Children/Riot/I Fought The Law (And I Won)/Macho-Rama/Terminal Preppie/Too Drunk To Fuck

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

DEAD KENNEDYS - @ The Farm, San Francisco 24.05.1985

Now for a current sad occasion a superb live recording by the fantastic Dead Kennedys and this record is one of a three vinyl record set called DK 40D.H. Peligro, drummer the band, crashed at his home in Los Angeles on October 28, 2022 and succumbed to his head injury shortly thereafter. How he did it remains a fucking mystery. Fact is, the world is losing another great musician, even if he testified against Jello Biafra in the legal dispute between the former members and Jello after the dissolution, he will not be forgotten. So today's post is dedicated to him and I think a live record is just the right choice, because his skills and dynamic are here unpolished and demonstrate how important he was for the music of the best American Punk band ever in my opinion. Now enjoy these fifteen crispy recordings, pay your respect and remember him positively... R.I.P. 

DH Peligro's Mom/Goons Of Hazzard/Hellnation/This Could Be Anywhere/Soup Is Good Food/Chemical Warfare/Macho Insecurity/A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch/Forest Fire/Moon Over Marin/Jock-O-Rama/Stars And Stripes Of Corruption/Second Encore/MTV Get Off The Air/Holiday In Cambodia

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

VKTMS - Compilation 1997

Terrific compilation by Broken Rekids and this is a solid tribute for VKTMS from San Francisco and this little dittie features their three 7Inches and one LP along with three bonus live tracks, plus the track off of the SF Underground EPAllow me excellent info from discogs: "VKTMS got together in 1978 when Mohammed Obead introduced Louis (drums) to Jay (guitar). After a while they added George (bass) and began searching for a singer. Nyna (R.I.P.) answered a bulletin board ad. Her intense energy and already developed lyric skills impressed them immediately.The band began gigging and shortly after put out what has become to be called the Midget EP, a highly collectible four song record. Shortly afterward bass player Steve joined. He is on the SF Underground EP. Right after that John joined on guitar and occasional keyboard. Few bands played the Mabuhay Gardens more times, and most other Northern California venues too. Playing a lot of gigs with relevant renowned American Punk bands in winter of 1981-1982 after releasing a single on 415 Records VKTMS began recording an album which sat in the can until 1994 when the band reunited. Re-releasing the album and previous recordings on CD on Broken Rekids (1997) helped give validation around the world.

VKTMS continued until Nyna passed away from cancer in 2000 after a very brave five year battle. In 2010 they started up again with Terry and Sophie on vocals. First came a Benefit for the San Francisco Homeless Youth Alliance which acted as springboard for the band's current state. In September 2012 they were booked to play the SF Punk Reunion with fifteen bands from the original era. This opened up a floodgate of show offers. In 2013 alone VKTMS did awesome shows with the Dead Kennedys, T.S.O.L., and the Weirdos. 2014 brought shows with the Sonics, The Members and more. 2015 brought a return show at a SF punk reunion concert, called this time SF Punk Renaissance, this time with even more bands, with Cheetah Chrome headlining. In 2016, they made it into the legendary Fillmore Auditorium, playing once again with the Dead Kennedys. Just before Covid hit VKTMS played an incredible show with the Avengers. Then right afterward with another close band MDC."

Now enjoy this explosive anthology by a great Punk combo!

Friday, February 20, 2015

DEAD NITTELS - Anti New-Wave Liga EP 1983

Named after the murdered SPÖ Councillor Heinz Nittel, and following the Dead Kennedys provided the Dead Nittels - with former Pöbel bassist Lörkas in their ranks - in 1981 for supplies in the Vienna punk scene and together with Kleenex Aktiv (founded by two ex-Dirt Shit members) and Schund the foundation of the second Punk generation. Their sound was special: it sounded a lot harder and more metallic than many of their contemporaries, Moreover, their Viennese lyrics were terrible and full of vulgar attacks on the lower values of the Austrian Society. In 1983 they released on it's own their superb 4-track EP out in an edition of 300 pieces, which wore the sounding name "Anti New-Wave Liga - Des Is Wien Und Not London, Okay?". Ultimately, they were like no other bands on the development of the 80-punk scene in Austria and active until the late nineties and released two further albums.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

NEGATIVE GAIN - Back From The Dead 1986

Before I enjoy myself with soccer tonight this Killer debut album by Negative Gain from Toronto. A short Band History (by Grant Slavin): Negative Gain was founded in Toronto, Ontario by Peter Warner who wrote all of the lyrics and provided rehearsal space in his basement. Filling out the lineup was Grant C. Slavin on guitar, Steve Currie on bass, and Andrew Mosely on drums. All members were in their mid-teens at the time. Their influences included Minor Threat, Millions Of Dead Cops, the Misfits, and the Dead Kennedys, as well as local TO bands Direct Action and Sudden Impact. Negative Gain got their first break in '83 when we were asked by local Toronto promoter Jill Heath to open for Jodie Fosters Army at the city's legendary punk club The Turning Point. After the show Pete and Grant went skateboarding with JFA. The evening was documented in a subsequent issue of Thrasher as JFA's guitarist Don Pendelton was writing a column for the rag documenting their tour. Other memorable Negative Gain gigs around this time include warming up for bands like the Circle Jerks, Gang Green, the Descendents and 7 Seconds. The young thrash band soon went from listening to their favorite bands' records on a daily basis to hanging out with them backstage and stealing their beer rider! More help from Jill Heath came when the promoter sent Negative Gain's 1985 demo tape, Attack Of The Killer Bears, to Pushead for review. Pushead evidently like the tape so much that he offered to release a full-length LP for the band on his Pusmort label. Negative Gain recorded their album in Oakville, Ontario in about five hours on a Saturday afternoon, as studio time was limited to what the young band could afford to spend on the recording. The session was produced by Brian Taylor of the Toronto band Youth Youth Youth.

Sadly, Pete Warner committed suicide not too long after the recording was completed, and never lived to see its release. His last gig with the band was with Toronto's Bunchofuckingoofs. Negative Gain continued on as a three-piece for about two more years, before splitting in the late 1980s.

I recommend you visit Stormy's Blogged & Quartered blog where the full Discography 1985-1986 is waiting for you. Great Record!

Saturday, April 09, 2022

JELLO BIAFRA with D.O.A. - Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors 1989

When two superlatives come together, something unique has to come out of it and Last Scream is the first work, apart from The Witch Trials, numerous collaborations of Jello Biafra with quick-witted friends. With the Canadian Punx from D.O.A. he recorded this brilliant album in the late Eighties and, Hell Yeah, an absolute highlight of Punk music. Allow me to quote an excellent review from allmusic:

"The first of Jello's post-Dead Kennedys collaborations was a barnburner; hooking up with Canada's legendary DOA ensured all the punk power that fans could want would be there in a big way. Even though Joey Keithley and company aren't quite as agile as Jello's ex-bandmates, everything here is more brutally Motörhead in feel than the nervous aggro and sometimes restraint of the Kennedys, this album can't be faulted for sheer crunch. Jello himself is in fine voice throughout, tackling his favored targets with the frenetic bile that he's made his own. Some of the songs have become outdated - "Wish I Was In El Salvador" is very much of the '80s - but "Attack Of The Peacekeepers," memorably tarring NATO's forces as "the joke brigade," has had just as much of a point after Kosovo. "Power Is Boring" captures Jello at his most hilarious, pointing out how being a dictator must really stink (the job security issue alone, for one). Not much on the first side varies from song to song musically -- pounding, chunky feedback that smashes head-on, along with good gang-shout choruses from the band more than once -- but if that's the needed fix, this album provides in spades. The wild card here is a spooky, mid-paced romp through the Animals' "We Gotta Get Outta This Place," with Jello's tremulous vocals suiting the lyrics perfectly and Keithley's backup on chorus fitting in, in its own rough way. The concluding, side-long "Full Metal Jacket" takes absolutely no prisoners, elevating Last Scream from good to great. With Keithley in particular turning in some great guitar work over a steady, snaky rhythm, Jello offers up one of the most bilious, pointed slams against Washington D.C.; this album is as "city/feds-as-corrupt-institution" as you could imagine. Kennedys artist Winston Smith offers up some great cover art to top it all off." (Ned Raggett)

Worth listening, fantastic and a timeless classic!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

V/A - Die Zähne Zeigt, Wer Das Maul Aufmacht #2 2001

Four years after #1 followed on Alerta Antifascista the continuation in form of a CD with more rare stuff (demos, live or other sources) by bands from all over this planet. Colorful mix of all punk genes and never boring, even should rock your humble hut. Detailed booklet integrated as pdf especially for you gourmets. I wanna hear praise!

1.Schweinegalopp - AMEN 81
2.Betjente I Civil - PARAGRAF 119
3.Lebendig Begraben - VOLL AUF ZERO
4.Sonne, Mond, Emoscheisse - UNABOMBER
5.I Fought The Law - DEAD KENNEDYS
6.Dummer Mund - KOBAYASHI
7.Lastwagenfahrt - DELLWO
8.Reality Is Dead - CHISPAS
11.Down Tonight - MR. BURNS
12.18:09 Mist, Verlaufen - TURBOSTAAT
13.Innenraum (Live) - EA80
14.Popeye - PETROGRAD
15.A Mi Manera - FUN PEOPLE
16.Spinaci - SUBCUTAN
17.Election Erection - ANGER OF BACTERIAS
18.König - DEADZIBEL
19.Total Kontroll - OPERATION
20.Unknown - KINDLE
21.08/15 Und Allein - MUFF POTTER
23.Hunde Wollt Ihr Ewig Leben? - STAHLER 80
25.Die Soße Macht's - HEIMATGLÜCK
27.Mer Politi - SKALAR
28.Kreis - HALE BOPP
29.Bam Bam Bam - BAMBIX
31.No Justice No Peace - BAD TASTE
32.Schnauze Fällst - ANARCHOPHOBIA

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

RAMONES - @ The Palladium, NYC 7.1.1978

"Hey Ho Let's Go" - Yes, you know what comes... Yeah, the Ramones and I must tell you not much. In the World Wide Web there is sufficient information available. Like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones stands for punkrock of the first hour. Every punk has their records in the shelf, of course even me. Unlike the British with their snotty anarchic style the Ramones playing short, melodic, snotty 1-2-3-4 hymns and influenced a lot of bands. They were also different from the outfit; leather jackets, worn jeans, sneakers and long hairstyles (like the Beatles), almost in uni-look, the Ramones outfit was born. For me in addition to the Dead Kennedys the best band from the U.S. - This bootleg was recorded at the Palladium in New York City on January 7, 1978 in an amazing sound quality. Tommy Ramone is the drummer on this recording. He left the band soon afterwards, although he continued to work with them as a producer and manager, this is his last album as drummer. Hard to believe that all members are dead. I will listen to the Ramones till my death because this feelin' is etched in me. Have fun with this sound and "Gabba Gabba Hey" my true followers.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

V/A - Burning Ambitions (A History Of Punk) 1982

Burning Ambition: The History of Punk, attempts to be a definitive overview of the British (except DK) wave/punk scene in the late 70s/early 80s and while it falls short of its goals, it's nevertheless an admirable effort. The Crème de la Crème are here to honor, only classics on it. Surely some of you, like me, have the original records at home but this double album should become a favorite of yours, because this record is one of the finest punk compilations which is ever released. Love to hear all these classic songs in this order and believe me.... you will enjoy it as a good fuck.

1.Boredom - BUZZCOCKS
2.Bingo Masters Breakout - THE FALL
3.12XU - WIRE
5.Keys To Your Heart - THE 101'ERS
6.I'm Alive - 999
7.Gary Gilmore's Eyes - THE ADVERTS
8.Justifiable Homicide - DAVE GOODMAN & FRIENDS
9.Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone - SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS
10.(Get A) Grip On (Yourself) - THE STRANGLERS
11.Your Generation - GENERATION X
12.Baby, Baby - THE VIBRATORS
13.Identity - X-RAY SPEX
14.Read About Seymour - SWELL MAPS
15.I'm Stranded - THE SAINTS
16.Chinese Rocks - HEARTBREAKERS
17.Lock It Up - EATER
18.Ain't Got A Clue - THE LURKERS
19.Lady - ADAM & THE ANTS
20.Love Song - THE DAMNED
21.Looking After No. 1 - BOOMTOWN RATS
22.Where's Captain Kirk? - SPIZZ ENERGI
23.In A Rut - THE RUTS
24.Angels With Dirty Faces - SHAM 69
25.Stranglehold - U.K.SUBS
26.Flares & Slippers - COCKNEY REJECTS
27.The Wait - KILLING JOKE
28.No Goverment - ANTI-PASTI
29.Holiday In Cambodia - DEAD KENNEDYS
30.Dead Cities - THE EXPLOITED
31.Last Rockers - VICE SQUAD
32.Harry May - THE BUSINESS
33.Police Story - THE PARTISANS
34.Someone's Gonna Die - BLITZ
35.City Baby Attacked By Rats - G.B.H
36.Complete Disorder - DISORDER
38.Lust For Glory - ANGELIC UPSTARTS

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, January 08, 2018

THE UNDERDOGS - The Punk Demos Collection 2015

Fine tidbit by Common People Records which remastered the demos of the Underdogs and brings this as limited edition finally for us available. All tracks taken from their first demo “Riot In Rothwell” that was recorded 1982 and from their second demo “East Of Dachau”, recorded 1983 and it's a terrific revelation, pure impactInfo from Backcover:

The Underdogs from Leeds, were a prolific band of the second batch of UK Punk. They recorded two brilliant demos between 1982 & 1983. The band were formed in 1981, and their name was inspired by the song of the Mancunian legends The Drones. Although some pundits likened them to the The Clash, SLF and Dead Kennedys their own preferences were varied. That said, all four members were fans of The Clash. They rehearsed at the Windmill Youth Club in Rothwell (Leeds), which was also the launching pad of fellow Riot City Punksters, The Expelled.

They recorded their first demo in 1981, which included the songs 'Big Brother' and 'Make It Last'. However, it was their second visit to the studio in 82/83 (this time funded by Riot City, that saw their finest hour), the production of 'East of Dachau' EP, which, with 'Johnny Go Home' and 'Dead Soldier' announced their arrival on the Punk scene.

Despite limited success, mainly due to lack of gigs, Riot City persevered with the band and an 8' track Mini-Album was planned for the following year. Sadly, Riot City fell into financial difficulties at this time and so those 8' tracks, which included 'Never Gonna Give Up', 'Hate Bomb' and 'Paint It Red' never saw daylight. During the following year they managed to do a few gigs, supporting The Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts and Subhumans among others but they never got the chance to play outside the UK. The very last line-up was: Bill and UG (The Underdogs) and Macca and Tim (The Expelled). By this time they had changed their name to Paradise West. They played one gig supporting the Upstarts then disbanded, permanently. 'Riot In Rothwell' was released posthumously... Using the tracks from the 8" track EP that never was. (UG 2015)

Fifteen solid punk dutties, still fresh and without a best before date - TOP!!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -