Thursday, 26 May 2016

DEAD KENNEDYS - Jello's Revenge [Live '79+'85]

Classic stuff today with the Dead Kennedys,an American punk rock band formed in San Francisco, California 1978. Pioneers of hardcore punk during the 1980s, the band gained a large underground following in the international punk music scene. This is all I write about them. The Dead Kennedys influenced me total and after my first listening my resolution was fixed to be a punkrocker. Finally I discovered the life style I wanted. Best US punk band ever. Songs 1-10 recorded at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, California on October 25, 1979 and 11-21 recorded live at The Farm in San Francisco on May 24, 1985. The 1979 tracks are sequenced in a different order than they were actually played. This bootleg omits some of Jello's talking between songs. Both shows were originally mastered and are a must have.

Police Truck/Holiday In Cambodia/Chemical Warfare/Ill In The Head/Short Songs/California Über Alles/Kill The Poor/Funland At The Beach/When Ya Get Drafted/Dread Locks Of The Suburbs/Take This Job & Shove It/Macho Insecurity/Man With The Dogs/Soup Is Good Food/Too Drunk To Fuck/MTV Get Off The Air/A Child And His Lawnmower/One Way Ticket To Pluto/Lie Detector/Goons Of Hazard/Let's Lynch The Landlord

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