Friday, 2 September 2016

DEAD KENNEDYS - Frankenchrist 1985

A perennial favorite in recent days is the third album (only genuine with the Giger poster) of the Dead Kennedys, inspired by the book by Alex Ogg DK, The Early Years that I have read during my vacation, I had to rip the album immediately and put it on my phone and have it with me. The book is great and I recommend anyone to read it. Why I chose Frankenchrist, well I like it therefore so much because the songs are extremely snappy, lyrically stunning sarcastic and Ray's guitar playing is exceptionally strong, the drums had little more power needed but fuck it. I must confess it's a long time since I last heard the DK's, and even after thirty years this sound is still fresh and the best from the states. Check the blog for further stuff and enjoy this happy music.

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  1. great album and you need this mate: