Wednesday, 24 August 2016

V/A - Killed By Epitaph 1998

And we stay geil with this unofficial reissue of the CD that originally appeared on Epitaph Europe in 1996, called "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - Dutch Punk Rock '77-'82". This double vinyl is limited to 1000 copies and compiled by Jeroen Vedder and released in Europe only; some wise punk put it out in it's proper form, for kids 'round the world to enjoy. And unike so many comps, this one is again full with rare and dirty heavy KBD stuff. Lotsa good information too. Jeroen, being a native dutchman, did his country a great service with this record. An excellent compilation of the early dutch punk scene, most tracks are really good with very few losers and some of which I've never heard before.

1.I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - IVY GREEN
2.I Don't Care What The People Say - HELMETTES
3.Requiem For Martin Heidegger - PANIC
5.Football Song - SPEEDTWINS
6.Teenage Abortion - SUZANNES
7.Van Agt Casanova - PAUL TORNADO
8.Daddy Is My Pusher - TITS
9.Plastic - MOLLESTERS
10.Don't Hide Your Hate - FILTH
11.Treat Me Like A Doll - GOD'S HEART ATTACK
12.Half Twee - HELMETTES
13.Face Cover Face - MECANO LTD
14.Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care) - SUBWAY
15.Ich Liebe Ulrike - MORT SUBITE
16.Miracles - THE BROMMERS
17.Look Out The Cops - BVD
18.She's By My Side - SHITH
19.I Shouldn't Go - COÏTUS INT.
20.Menten - VOPO'S
21.Human Car - THE EX
22.Searching - NIXE
23.A Black & White Statement - RONDOS
24.I'm So Lazy - NITWITZ
25.Lang Zo Aardig Niet - TRÖCKENER KEKS
26.Bionic Adventure - FRITES MODERN


  1. Thanks for sharing this! -John

  2. Gracias, Saludos desde Medellin-Colombia.