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Thursday, 7 September 2017

MDC - Millions Of Dead Cops 1982

If we talk about American Hardcore so is the debut of the Texas MDC unavoidable. Originally formed as The Stains in late 70s and they released a 7Inch on Radical Records (listenwhich already shows an amazing quality with two offensive smasher. Then the band also changed their name to a different initialism of MDC with every new record released. They play fast hardcore punk music espousing far-left sociopolitical ideals, with singer Dave Dictor expressing his animal rights, gay rights, transgender rights, pro-racial equality and anti-capitalist convictions. I have experienced the band several times live, last I think 2016 in the Au, and the dynamic and intensity of the recordings have always been exceeded and are always a pleasure, as well as this fantastic album, a milestone!, and together with D.R.I.'s first twenty-two song album (digi today) the best Hardcore slab from the states... convince yourself!

Saturday, 6 August 2022

V/A - Rat Music For Rat People Vol.2 1984

Well, the Bundesliga opener yesterday was a total flop, 0:5 after forty-five minutes, a brilliant performance in all areas, impressive. Bayern showed Frankfurt where the hammer is, and made it clear who wants to become Deutscher Meister. It will be difficult for any Bundesliga club to beat this team. Nevertheless, I'm sure that the SGE will play a good season. To the post: a decent compilation by CD Presents Ltd. is the second part of the mini Rat People serie. Eleven renowned bands of the Eighties with fourteen classics come to your house to tell you to keep an eye out for their records and to get your lame butt moving because those little flabs are telling you: no more convenience! Partly different versions than on their records make this delicacy an absolute listening and Pogo pleasure. And now breakfast.

1.Butthole Surf Theme Song - BUTTHOLE SURFERS
2.History - BIG BOYS
3.The Seed - BIG BOYS
5.Fake Contest - MINUTEMEN
6..Middle America - J.F.A.
7.Skate Or Bate - TALES OF TERROR
8.They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D. - FANG
9.Pay To Come Along - MDC
10.(R)evolution In Rock - MDC
11.Legacy Of Man - DICKS
12.Madman - D.R.I.
13.Sad To Be - D.R.I.
14.Postcard From Dachau - THE WHITE LIE

Thursday, 21 March 2019

MDC - Live @ CBGB's 1983

Holy Moses, this record blows the shit out of your mind, the legendary political punk hardcore pioneers MDC during the golden age of hardcore at a legendary club. This set captures a legendary band at a legendary time. Complete with social commentary between songs all caught live as it happened. Limited to 1000 copies on translucent green vinyl on Beer City Records. I guess your breakfast has to wait until this awesome slab has gone through.

Intro/Multi Death Corporation/Selfish Shit/Pay To Come Along/Dick For Brains/I Remember/John Wayne Was A Nazi/Born To Die/Radioactive Chocolate/(R)evolution In Rock/Corporate Deathburger/Greedy And Pathetic/Church & State/Business On Parade/Dead Cops

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Sunday, 27 March 2022

V/A - P.E.A.C.E. Compilation 2LP 1984

I don't think this excellent release in form of a double record set can be more topical, and as we all have to realize, mankind hasn't gotten any wiser even after almost forty years. There is always some aggressor somewhere who expresses its sick ideology with lies and blind helpers and it is appalling that no diplomacy, no system, and no sensible compromise can prevent a violent confrontationPathetic, disappointing & lifeless all the pursuit of power and heroism. About the record: "This massive international Hardcore/Punk compilation features fifty-five bands/songs and was organized and released by the infamous MDC on the band's own label R Radical Records. The worldwide hardcore scene was at its peak at this point, still underground enough to repel corrupting outside influences like major labels and heavy metal, but already hardened into a rigid aesthetic and political dogma that often encouraged groupthink and musical conformity. P.E.A.C.E. documents the state of "Reagan-era" Hardcore, just before the popularity of extreme music spread through decidedly non-radical camps and into the mainstream. Among the fifty-five bands on board are well-known plus the best tracks by courtesy of obscure groups of the local scenes from Argentina, South Africa to Japan. Most of the bands included retain, either through design or some bizarre quirk of ineptitude, a stamp of individuality on their sound that makes this an entertaining collection.

An extensive booklet insert is packed with political rants, cartoons, and suggestions for further reading, making explicit the double-LP's theme of activism and action against a corrupt authority. Plus, each band is provided with a full page to express their ideas (and plug their wares) with printed lyrics and crudely effective collage art. Reissued on CD in 1997 by New Red Archives with bonus cuts." (Fred Beldin) - A real highlight of an international gathering that shows how it can work.

1.Up Against A Wall - ARTICLES OF FAITH
2.Endless Blockades For The Pussy Footer - G.I.S.M.
3.Ashes To Ashes - NEON CHRIST
4.Schlueters Kabinet - KALASHNIKOV
5.Time Will Tell - CAUSE FOR ALARM
7.Honour's Calling - UNWARRANTED TRUST
8.Finirà Mai? - WRETCHED
9.Drop The A-Bomb On Me - O.D.F.X
10.Here Come The Cops - THE AFFLICTED
11.Inutile Trionfo - DECLINO
12.Hope You Get Drafted - THE DICKS
13.Arms Race - B.G.K.
14.It's You - CRASS
15.Swastika Ratss - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
16.Banana Split Republic - FALSE PROPHETS
17.Nuclear Attack - MOB 47
18.Face Down In The Dirt - OFFENDERS
20.So Much Hate - S.C.U.M.
21.Viejos Pateticos - LOS VIOLADORES
22.Sometimes - DEADLOCK
23.Will It Ever End? - P.P.G.
24.Peace Of What? - TRASH
25.Police Brutality - VICIOUS CIRCLE
26.Gartlands Pit - CONDEMNED TO DEATH
27.Non Mi Dire - NEGAZIONE
28.America The Beautiful - D.O.A.
29.Snap - D.R.I.
30.Jump Back - PORNO PATROL
31.Drop Out - TREASON
32.Abortos - SHIT S.A.
33.Silence - SEPTIC DEATH
34.Life Of Punishment - C.C.M.
36.An Uneasy Peace - THE PROLETARIAT
37.From Protest To Resistance - CONFLICT
38.Battlefield (Nightmare) - ICONOCLAST
39.Pay For Shit - PANDEMONIUM
40.Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Rround - DEAD KENNEDYS
41.Skorbut - BOSKOPS
43.Peace Officer - WHITE LIE
44.R.A.T./Pentagone - WARGASM
45.Four More Hours - SLAUGHTERHOUSE 4
46.Finale - THE EXECUTE
47.Reagan Youth - REAGAN YOUTH
48.The Man Goes On - IMPACT
49.100 Million People Dead - BUTTHOLE SURFERS
50.Ataque - KANGRENA
52.No Mercy No War - BARELY HUMAN
53.Contro La Pace Contro La Guerra - R.A.F. PUNK
54.Moment By Moment/Exiled Shadows - ZENZILE
55.Missile Destroyed Civilization - MDC

Friday, 18 December 2015

V/A - What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger 1985

Friedrich Nietzsche adage "That which does not kill us makes us stronger!", a wise sentence I believe. So reason enough for the Berlin label Destiny Records to bring out an excellent compilation with this quote. Of course here many Berlin bands are represented together with the Ami fraction which ensure at that time for furore and the divine hardcore punks from Pisa. Partially goodies on it which can only be found here but most of them are on the bands own records or released as 7inches which are also difficult to obtain in these gray days. The first pressing comes with title in golden letters, my copy. The repress was with white. Offensive music for offensive people, not grow weary.

1.No Words - C.C.M.
2.Build It Up - PORNO PATROL
4.Pluto - THE REST
5.Born To Die - MDC
6.I Need A Crime - C.C.M.
9.Salute The Survivers - MANIACS
11.Yes Ma'am - D.R.I.
12.Kleptomaniac - MDC
13.Sohn Gottes - INFERNO
14.Warrior - MANIACS
15.Bout Me - THE REST
16.I'm Using You - THE REST
19.Terminal Of Fun - C.C.M.
20.Zukunftsvision - INFERNO
21.All The Aces - MANIACS

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

B.G.K. - Jonestown Aloha! 1983

Now we rev up with the first album by this hardcore legends from Amsterdam. I quote infos for you from the unfortunately inactive KFTH page and it's sad that is layer there: "Named after a Dutch historical figure who assassinated the king of the Netherlands in 1584, Balthasar Gerards Kommando was formed in the early '80s by members of Amsterdam punk band the Nitwitz. Rejecting the then-popular trend to emulate British Oi! bands, B.G.K. took their musical cues from American hardcore bands such as MDC, and soon developed an ultrafast style of their own. The band was also committed to following through with its leftist political stance, both in terms of the punk scene (the band set up DIY shows with low door prices, and put out affordable records on their own label) and in a wider political spectrum (they often played benefits for various causes, and helped run the Emma squat in Holland)." On many compilations welcome, one is called Viva Umkhonto! from 1987 - Let's enter now twenty spiffing powerful snacks.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

SCHLIESSMUSKEL - Untergang Der Abendländischen Kultur 1987

Last week I had some time to rip some old D-punk classics and the next four posts belong exclusively to this. Let's start with the awesome debut from Schliessmuskel (German punk band of the late 1980s and early 1990s from Hamminkeln). Along with groups such as the Mimmi's and the Abstürzenden Brieftauben they were among the best-known German bands of this genre (FunPunk). The band itself always rejected the classification "FunPunk" and saw the band rather as Punk (Hardcore) combo and I agree absolutely with them. After the band's formation in 1983 by Ede Wolff (guitar), Schlaffke Wolff (vocals), Techt Tetmeyer (drums) and Böckler Hachenberg (bass) they released their debut EP Komm Setz' Dich Zu Uns (WeBite Records) in 1986 with six short punk attacks and with their debut LP one year later they continued their fast hardcore style, same applies for the 2nd album Sehet, Welch Ein Mensch! In the coming years they played gigs with the Spermbirds, MDC or the Adicts. 1990 they were on the compilation Festival Der Volxmusik that brought together the most important German fun punk performers. The next album Weniger Fett-Mehr Muskeln appeared in the same year and reached four digit sales figures and held for weeks in the independent charts. Mid-1990 it was quiet about the group and the split from WeBite follows. In 1993 the musicians performed as the opening act for Die Toten Hosen. Renamed in Die Muskeln and in the following years, the band retreated, still published recordings (in 2000 again under the old band name). Singer Schlaffke began after the withdrawal of the group under the name "Zwakkelmann" a solo project but with no comparable success. In late 2005 the band were reformed and played in Oberhausen and early 2006 in Essen two gigs. Rumors of a reunion but were rejected. So don't be afraid what you see or read about them, Schliessmuskel is one of the best German Punk bands I've ever seen.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

V/A - No More Borders EP 2012

Spicy snacks of well-known bands with a faster pace are in the house and on this little motherfucker they turn their 45BPM again and again. Originated in co-operation of numerous small international labels and pressed in an edition of 500 copies (a few coloured); plus an elaborate full color double sided artwork, with full lyrics insert. What's inside?: ripping thrash, strong hooks, with a musical standard which is almost uniformly high. I don't know whether these are exclusive tracks, but all four songs can be used at any dance event. A good opportunity, for those who are not very familiar with them, to discover four hot bands. Entertaining, Chapeau!

1.2012 - The End Of Everything - MDC
2.Ciao Cavaliere - SÖM-HI NÖISE
3.Tired And Furious - RAW POWER

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

BIG BOYS - Lullabies Help The Brain Grow 1983

Moment Productions released the third album by Big Boys from Austin/Texas. They were a pioneering punk band who are credited with having helped to create and introduce skate punk as a new style of music, which became popular in the 1980s. They also were famous by bring elements of funk into their hardcore punk style. Band members were Randy "Biscuit" Turner (vocals), Tim Kerr (guitar) and Chris (bass). The key members of the band were childhood friends for a decade before the band was started. Over the years the group played with five drummers in all; Steve Collier, Greg Murray, Fred Schultz, Rey Washam and Kevin Tubb who played only one show (the band's first) because Collier was sick. The hardcore punk style, a development from the earlier punk sound, arose spontaneously in various cities, but in Austin it was represented by MDC, Big Boys, The Huns, The Skunks and The Dicks. The bands often played together; Big Boys and The Dicks jointly released a split single and an LP, Live @ Raul's. Their gigs were legendary, frequently involving food fights, with "Biscuit" frequently sporting a pink ballerina's tutu and pink cowboy boots. Invitations would be made to the audience to come up and sing along, which often occurred. At the end of early shows, the band was famous for yelling, "OK y'all, go start your own band." Big Boys were innovative in many ways and were influential in the direction music and music scenes would take in their wake. In 1984 the band broke up.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, 20 January 2019

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talks 1987

I remember when my best Friend and I listen to their first album Convicted we were completely blown away, such fast music we knew only from Septic Death, D.R.I., Raw Power & MDC but that was Hardcore and at that time we broke with Metal and became Punx and Cryptic Slaughter mixed both genres into one big whole and on the second album they drove the pace back a little, nevertheless famos! Info: The band was formed 1984 by Les Evans (age 17), Scott Peterson (age 14) and Adam Scott (age 15), who met through their mutual participation in the American Youth Soccer League (AYSO). Soon they were joined by Bill Crooks (age 15), a friend of Adam Scott and a fellow soccer player. Adam Scott was let go a few months later due to conflicts regarding his parents and school. Their first demo, Life in Grave, was produced in 1985 and became well circulated in the burgeoning tape-trader underground. Their first full-length LP, Convicted, was released in 1986 on Death/Metal Blade records, whose artist roster also boasted D.R.I., Corrosion Of Conformity, the Mentors and Beyond Possession. Within its first year of release, Convicted sold over 25,000 copies and earned Cryptic Slaughter the reputation as being one of the fastest bands in hardcore. Next came Money Talks in 1987, which is still considered by many to be the band's best effort. Mixing crushing grooves with lightning speed, Money Talks surpassed Convicted's success by selling 35.000 in its first year and by earning Cryptic Slaughter a fanatical following around the world. They took on the right-wing theocracy directly, with songs like "Freedom Of Expression" that skewered the censorial nature of the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), founded by Al Gore's wife Tipper. Their "American Heroes" directly confronted the mass media heroic mythology of the astronauts who died in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, when millions toil to survive daily in a world of injustice. Along with D.R.I. they were at the forefront of a musical genre known as much for its relentless energy as its radical anti-authoritarian politics, even if not all the listeners paid attention.

The original line-up recorded their final studio album, Stream Of Consciousness, in 1988. Unhappy with the recording process and the album's production, the band's internal problems were magnified by life on the road. They broke up in the summer on tour before Stream was released later that fall, they played their last show in Detroit on July 14, 1988.

Shortly after returning home, however, guitarist Les Evans and bassist Rob Nicholson recruited new member Eli Nelson and continued on in a new direction. This new incarnation was short-lived, however, and Evans moved to Portland in May 1989 to reform the band with an entirely new line-up, which included Brian Lehfeldt of Wehrmacht fame. The final Cryptic Slaughter album, Speak Your Peace, was a definite departure from the previous material, heavily influenced by a changing music scene.

The band are often credited as one of the progenitors of crossover, the thrash metal and hardcore crossover genre, along with such seminal acts as D.R.I., Corrosion of Conformity and Suicidal TendenciesIn 2003, Relapse Records reissued Convicted and Money Talks with added bonus tracks from Cryptic Slaughter's demo and live recordings. Due to legal reasons, the band changed their name to Lowlife and will be touring and playing CS songs.

And now I have to go to the birthday party of a dear friend!

Sunday, 3 July 2022

THE DICKS - Peace? EP 1984

Long overdue the following combo from Texas, the Dicks which were formed 1980 in Austin by Gary (vocals), Glen (guitars), Buxf (bass), Pat (drums). The four are known for their confrontational stage presence (Floyd was an open homosexual who frequently appeared in drag on stage and had no qualms about getting in the face of close-minded audience members) and raucous music. They started writing burly, blues-drenched Punk anthems and began playing raucous, shows with local heroes the Big Boys. Unlike that band’s funk-infused, high-production value drag show, the Dicks opted for a cruder but still spectacular approach. Their first masterful single Dicks Hate The Police, released in 1980, brought them much attention and is now regarded as a classic and has rightly been republished in large numbers. This EP is unlike anything else before or after, a total powerhouse of a song. The flip found the band playing faster and harder than most other US combo at the time. Peace? is their second 7Inch on MDC Dave's Radical Records label with three great numbers. In 1983, the band relocated to San Francisco. However, Glen, Buxf, and Pat soon decided to return to Austin. Floyd carried on with the Dicks' name, recruiting new members Lynn (drums), Sebastian (bass) and Tim (guitar). This line-up released the second album (These People) before calling it quits in 1986. Floyd and Lynn went on to form Sister Double Happiness

The group disbanded in 1986, although occasional one-off reunion shows featuring the Austin lineup occurred through the 1980s & 1990s. In 2004, Dicks began playing regular reunion concerts in Austin and elsewhere. The line-up for the shows consists of the original Dicks, with the exception of Glen, who died sadly in 1997. A documentary film, The Dicks From Texas was released in 2015 about the band, Austin & the Texas Punk scene along with a tribute album with twenty-seven bands covering twenty-eight Dicks songs. The Dicks announced that their final show would be October 30, 2016 @ Grizzly Hall in Austin however due to popular demand, a second show was added the day afterward. That's it folks!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

V/A - Ungdomshuset (Live) 2005

Ungdomshuset (literally "the Youth House") was the popular name of the building formally named Folkets Hus ("House of the People") located on Jagtvej 69 in Nørrebro/Copenhagen, which functioned as an underground scene venue for music and rendezvous point for varying autonomen and leftist groups from 1982 until 2007 when - after prolonged conflict - it was torn down, and later also for its successor, located on Dortheavej 61 in the adjacent Bispebjerg neighbourhood. Due to the ongoing conflict between the municipal government of Copenhagen and the activists occupying the premises, the building on Jagtvej was the subject of intense media attention and public debate from the mid 1990's till 2008. This awesome compilation is originally released as a two record set on their own label and all tracks were recorded live @ Ungdomshuset between 1984 and 2003. The song selection is quite delicious: punk, hardcore, ska, electronic, obscure, acoustic - a rich variety of all styles are here to hear. Damn cool.

1.Skyggernes Ambassadør - KALASHNIKOV
2.Juhuu - SKALAR
3.Abyss - SORT SOL
4.Politi-Militær - VOTE FOR TRUCKERS
6.Super Heroine Blond - PRESIDENT FETCH
7.Svin - CITY-X
9.Ingen Vits Å Gråte - KAFKA PROSESS
10.Snagen Om Vår Vidunderlige Verden - STENGTE DØRER
12.Mr. Right Guy - ZERO POINT
13.Militærdestruktion - CRAP
14.Gode Politimænd - PARAGRAF 119
15.Oh No Bruno - NOMEANSNO
16.Thirteen - D.O.A.
17.Porro - SNUFF
18.Move Right In - ROLLINS BAND
19.No More Cops - MDC
20.Party Till I Die - THE NOMADS
22.Jordslået - JOMI MASSAGE
23.James Bond - ALIVE WITH WORMS
24.Tazan Samba - ÆTER

Saturday, 6 April 2019

RAW POWER - Live From The Gutter 1996

Puhhh, almost sleepy half of Saturday and still not fit and tonight to Mainz for a gig but I don't wanna moan, at my age I need longer regeneration phases. Today's post pulls us to the boot in the middle of the mediterranean sea and we're attending a gig of Raw Power which was recorded @ the "Maffia Illecit Music Club", Reggio Emilia on the first of march 1996. Released via Godhead and I remember when I first listen to their debut record I was totally excited, such an amazing aggressive hard sound I only knew of US Hardcore bands as Septic Death, MDC or D.R.I., and clear that I was immediately interested in the Italian scene and enriched my collection with more vinyl, yeah... I love this music! On this little sucker are twenty-seven blasts in a varied compilation of old classics and newer songs and I find the selection perfect. Check their homepage for more info and enjoy the show.

Intro/Give Me Back My Youth/Power/No Way/Fight/82-92/Start A Fight/Police Police/Politicians/Kill The Poor/Nihilist/Y.T.T./You Are The Victim/Peace?/Fight The Army/Zaff/My Boss/No Way Out/You're Fired/Alone/A Certain Kind Of Killer/Two Faced Bitch/Fuck Authority/Raw Power/Hate/State Oppression/White Minority

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

IMPACT & EU'S ARSE - Split EP 1983

Superb split EP from the european mediterranean boot. The first side kicks off with Impact from Ferrara and together with Raw Power, Rappresaglia and Stigmathe, they belong to the pillars of the Italian hardcore scene. In business throughout the eighties, the group broke up at the beginning of the nineties, after the last publications, in which they had undergone a change of sound that disappointed the fans and partly also the same members of the group but they back with a series of concerts, Paul Root (vocals), Stefano "Janz" Ragazzi (guitars), Bistek (bass) and Alberto "Gigo" Gigante (drums). In 1983 they started collaborating with Eu's Arse, which results in this self-produced Split EP. On these recordings 'Infa' appears for the first time on the mic & they earned positive reviews of the San Francisco Maximumrocknroll fanzine, which monthly held a column on the international hardcore scene. In 1984 they were then invited by Dave Dictor from MDC to participate in the double P.E.A.C.E. Benefit compilationIn 1985 Impact released via Chaos Produzioni their debut Solo Odio with ten energetic, political smasher, today one of the most representative of Italian hardcore. In the ensuing tour, the group followed various changes of formation that found stability with the passage of Bistek to the voice and the entry of Diego Fabbri, previously a member of Total Disarmament. Two 7Inches followed, 1990 the second album Tutto Tace but record does not receive the approval of the previous ones, triggering a spiral that will lead the group to the dissolution in 1992.

Eu's Arse from Udine were formed in the early eighties and together with Upset Noise they were among the most important groups of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia scene. The band take their name from the name assigned to the Italian punks from European and English punks, and consisted of Stefano (vocals), Teo (guitars), Gianluca (bass) and Luca (drums). In 1982 they participated in the Spring Offensive festival at the Virus Social Center in Milan, then immediately publishing their first EP Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo. The record was supported by the New Fahrenheit fanzine. In 1983 this split EP. In a review of Maximumrocknroll describes the sound as "a combination of repetitive Discharge matrix riffs combined with an unpleasant sounding voice reminiscent of a poet in the throes of furious madness". After a long tour and numerous training changes, the group broke up in 1985. So that's the story, now music!

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

OFFENDERS - Fight Back EP 1989

The Offenders were a four piece, formed 1978 in Killeen/Texas by Davy RIP (vocals), Anthony RIP (guitars), Mikey RIP (bass) & Pat (drums). After relocating to Austin in 1980, the band became known worldwide as one of the premiere Hardcore bands out of the Lone Star state. Raw and rabid, and just as skillful in realizing their musical rebellion as, for example, their friends and drinking mates D.R.I. and MDC.
Beginning stylistically with classic Punkrock, the Four made an excellent turn to an untamed sound, which was brilliantly transformed into impetuous energy and playful sophistication with intensity and enormous passion. They ruled, without doubt the scene throughout the infamous Reagan era. This litte Sucker was brought via Hamburg based label Bitzcore and features five unprecedented quick-witted arguments, two previously released as their Lost Causes 7Inch in 1981 on Suffering Sounds plus three, probably from a demo, non-album recordings. In their eight year life-span they fabricated only two pretty cool albums, a couple of 7Inches plus loads of compilation invites. In 1986, the band dissolved much too early.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

V/A - Not So Quiet On The Western Front 2LP 1982

Let's start the church service with a terrific compilation and I'm glad I wasn't allowed to rip it because such a mammoth work requires a lot of time and a comfortable chair, especially when there's a nice booklet with lots of information within. The material is not unknown in Blogland and I already had a copy, but this rip here is excellent, no wonder, because I know where it comes from. Released by Maximum RockNRoll (one of the best sources for objective reviews and band infos) on Alternative Tentacles as double album and features forty-seven Northern California and Nevada bands (a few known elsewhere, most not), and ranges from punk to hardcore and comes with 48-page zine on the bands. Since I'm lazy to write and I'm not a good reviewer anyway, you can find a fitting one on punknews and before I close, a quick footnote: the link runs through zippy and you have to activate your VPN. Finally, a metaphysical sentence from the back cover: "If Punk Is Dead, What The Hell Is This?" In this sense, enjoy the music!

1.Intensified Chaos - INTENSIFIED CHAOS
2.Their Mistakes - SOCIAL UNREST
3.Dan With The Mellow Hair - NAKED LADY WRESTLERS
4.Holocaust - M.A.D.
5.Rich Plastic People - KILLJOY
6.Fun With Acid - FANG
8.Collapse - RIBSY
9.Annihilation - CRUCIFIX
10.I Don't Wanna Die For My Country - SQUARE COOLS
11.Pay Salvation - LOS OLVIDADOS
12.What Price Will You Pay? - CODE OF HONOR
13.Fuck Your Amerika - 7 SECONDS
14.Race War - UNAWARE
15.Turmoil - FRIGIDETTES
16.Don't Conform - 5TH COLUMN
17.Shrunken Heads - GHOST DANCE
18.A Child And His Lawn Mower - DEAD KENNEDYS
19.All I Know - REBEL TRUTH
20.Learning Process - PARIAH
22.Praise The Lord / Pass The Ammunition - IMPATIENT YOUTH
24.Assassination Attempt - DEMENTED YOUTH
25.The Only Good Cop. . . - MDC
26.The Few, The Proud, The Dead - KARNAGE
28.Dead Porker - NBJ
29.Human Farm - WHIPPING BOY
30.Worker Bee - ANGST
31.Premature Enlistment - FREE BEER
32.Sacrifice - FLIPPER
33.No One Listens - VENGEANCE
34.S/M Nightmare - JUVINEL JUSTICE
35.Fat, Drunk, & Stupid - SECTION 8
36.Libyan Hit Squad - TONGUE AVULSION
37.Off To War - MANIAX
38.Strike Out - VICIOUS CIRCLE
39.Breakout - UXB
40.Shitcan - SCAPEGOATS
41.The Oven Is My Friend - CHURCH POLICE
42.Systems Suck - DEADLY REIGN
43.Dead Men Tell No Lies - NO ALTERNATIVE
44.Punk Is An Attitude - WRECKS
46.No More Riots - BENT NAILS
47.New Left - M.I.A.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

C.C.M. - Live In SO 36 1988

It's getting loud and ecstatic on wdthtc, because an awesome live slab from Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, or simply C.C.M. (the band name was a tribute to the Dead Boys guitarist), is waiting for you. Founded in Pisa and active from 1979 to 1987, the four were one of the first Italian Hardcore combos and part of the Tuscan Grand Duchy scene. 400 Fascists (the original is hard to find these days) was their first EP and came out 1981 via Cessofonya Records with four fantastic killers, inspired by a military parade of 400 paratroopers held in Pisa in those years. The record is now one of the very first productions of Italian hardcore punk, a genre that in those years was developing in the rest of the world. In 1983 they released a self-produced split cassette Sfregio Permanente/Permanent Scare which saw them in collaboration with I Refuse It! (later re-issued on vinyl by Children Of The Revolution Records in 1985) and in the same year a second tape called (We Are The) Juvenile DelinquencyThey participated in the Last White Christmas festival which took place in Pisa on 4. December 1983, organized by the Grand Duchy Hardcore (GDHC) in the deconsecrated church of San Zeno. In 1984 they were then invited by the American R Radical Records of Dave Dictor of MDC, to be part on the International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation which was released in collaboration with the San Francisco fanzine MaximumRockNRoll. 1985 came their Furious Party, the second EP out and during a tour in the States, they recorded their Into The Void album in Indianapolis, both released on Belfagor Records. In 1987 the group disbanded after the release of this live album which was recorded in SO36, Berlin on 16th May 1987, released on Destiny Records and the last line-up was Syd Migx (vocals), Antonio (guitars), Sandro (bass), Alex (drums)That was a lot of words, and I recommend you listen to the must-have compilation The Furious Era 1979-1987, released 2017 on Area Pirata, which features all the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers material.

Sterilized/Sorry/Strange Pain/Enemy/R.M./Romeo Juliet/Feel Like/Into The Void/Bendix Power/Secret Hate

Friday, 25 June 2021


💥 Extraordinary, fantastic music which always turns me on is the sound of the Upright Citizens from Bottrop (in the north-west of the Ruhr area), founded 1979, but it wasn't until 1982 that they started to attract attention - and they differed from many other German bands of those years through their (almost entirely) English lyrics and their clear orientation towards American hardcore. This was evident with their debut Make The Future Mine & Yours, which was released in 1983 and also made the band known internationally (Jello Biafra had noticed the band early on). Two songs securing them a spot on the legendary Keine Experimente! compilation on Weird System (1983), in 1984 they were featured on the We Don't Want Your Fucking Law slab on Mortarhate and on the hugely influential Peace/War double album on R-Radical Records, the label of Dave Dictor of MDCSo it happened, very unusual for a German band, that their second album Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & A Mouth To Speak has been published in the USA via B.Y.O., the label operated by the Stern Brothers (Youth Brigade). With the Kiss Me Now (1986) and Farewell EP (1988) followed two more records of the "classic" side of the band, which had a few other releases until the mid-nineties and also played live - but the air was out, and in 2003 the band played their last concert, and a reunion, so the clear announcement, is ruled out. Well, this mini-album sounds a bit different from the previous records and is sometimes a bit too metallic for my taste, but I still like it and after hearing it several times, it penetrates well; they have long since earned this bonus from me. A fit short review: "Despite the uninspiring cover art and the Led Zeppelin-like intro to the title song, this new release has all the bands trademarks: tight, imaginative instrumental arrangements, plaintive lead vocals, memorable hooks, and generally on-target lyrics." (Jeff Bale, MMR #44, January 1987) Always a pleasure the four, and I love Fridays 💥