Saturday, April 06, 2019

RAW POWER - Live From The Gutter 1996

Puhhh, almost sleepy half of Saturday and still not fit and tonight to Mainz for a gig but I don't wanna moan, at my age I need longer regeneration phases. Today's post pulls us to the boot in the middle of the mediterranean sea and we're attending a gig of Raw Power which was recorded @ the "Maffia Illecit Music Club", Reggio Emilia on the first of march 1996. Released via Godhead and I remember when I first listen to their debut record I was totally excited, such an amazing aggressive hard sound I only knew of US Hardcore bands as Septic Death, MDC or D.R.I., and clear that I was immediately interested in the Italian scene and enriched my collection with more vinyl, yeah... I love this music! On this little sucker are twenty-seven blasts in a varied compilation of old classics and newer songs and I find the selection perfect. Check their homepage for more info and enjoy the show.

Intro/Give Me Back My Youth/Power/No Way/Fight/82-92/Start A Fight/Police Police/Politicians/Kill The Poor/Nihilist/Y.T.T./You Are The Victim/Peace?/Fight The Army/Zaff/My Boss/No Way Out/You're Fired/Alone/A Certain Kind Of Killer/Two Faced Bitch/Fuck Authority/Raw Power/Hate/State Oppression/White Minority

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