Saturday, 9 January 2016

SEPTIC DEATH - Crossed Out Twice 2013

Another highlight of my collection is this superb following compilation of my favorite hardcore combo: Septic Death I don't know why I have them post earlier, it must be this double album that I recently bought on a small record fair for little money. The reason why I like them is their aggressive and hard sound, the drums are like a thunderstorm, screeching guitars, loud fat bass, and Pusheads exceptional, sick voice heats the whole right. Whenever I hear it I get positively. Since I bought the 'Attention' record in the mid 80s Richy and I were immediately thrilled. I can remember they're also popular in the metal scene these days. Well, this unofficial release is a great Fanclub edition, fantastic fold out sleeve sleeve, includes lyrics, artwork, fliers and fotos. The double vinyl comes in two different vinyl colors. Handnumbered to 250 copies. Forty songs from the Need So Much Attention 12", Burial 7", Kichigai 7" and Theme From Ozobozo album and various comp tracks..... all within. Overall very lovingly decorated and a real Fan Edition. Have fun with it!

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  1. ganz großes kino, jeder song ein brett vor dem Herrn, denen kann keiner das Wasser reichen. Ich danke dir für diesen fantastischen post.

    Greetinx from HH.