Thursday, 7 January 2016

THE CHOSEN FEW - Really Gonna Punch You Out!!! 2001

Now an absolute highlight what I searched for a little while and now I'm of course very happy to listen to this awesome double album which was released via the Italian label Hate Records in an edition of 1000 copies. Thirty-Two Raw Bad-Ass Rock'N'Roll goodies are here for your ears and the description is no exaggeration. This record is a fuckin' blast! First full marks for knotless Artwork, gatefold sleeve and inside & on the back detailed liner notes from Ian Cunningham (bass + vox) and when I read that I'm really back in the late 70s and I can feel the vibes inside me which moving me to be a punker. This wild and rough music, the fat distorted guitars and the driving rhythms shoots in my blood such as heroin, pushes me so upwards I can not otherwise to despise damn radio music & MfuckinTV, all mutantsI tell you, whoever doesn't going on with this sound can lick my pretty ass, hahaha.... I will not bore with info about The Chosen Few, there's enough on the net, only that: On this are the tunes from their only 7Inch The Joke's On Us (A Few Production), a lot of rehearsals and finally eight live energy goodies from a gig in Auckland, all songs were recorded in 1978. And Yes, Ian: It's Shit Hot! This is really a superb re-release and I'm sure everyone who has it gives it not away.

- Grand Merci à François -


  1. many thanks for the chosen few lp. any chance anyone here or there would have the band they were before chosen few deathwish the lp is called in foster's care would appreciate it very much. happy new year

    1. you mean this one:
      don't have it, I'm sure coming soon... ;)

  2. that's the one looks great. so hopefully one day thanks for reply

  3. Could you please re-up this? Would be wonderful!