Thursday, March 21, 2019

MDC - Live @ CBGB's 1983

Holy Moses, this record blows the shit out of your mind, the legendary political punk hardcore pioneers MDC during the golden age of hardcore at a legendary club. This set captures a legendary band at a legendary time. Complete with social commentary between songs all caught live as it happened. Limited to 1000 copies on translucent green vinyl on Beer City Records. I guess your breakfast has to wait until this awesome slab has gone through.

Intro/Multi Death Corporation/Selfish Shit/Pay To Come Along/Dick For Brains/I Remember/John Wayne Was A Nazi/Born To Die/Radioactive Chocolate/(R)evolution In Rock/Corporate Deathburger/Greedy And Pathetic/Church & State/Business On Parade/Dead Cops

- Great Thx to Reinhard -


  1. Can't open the rar file....

  2. Not a bootleg. Official release on Beer City Records who are trying to sell it, so don't download it. Buy it.