Wednesday, February 23, 2022

OFFENDERS - Fight Back EP 1989

The Offenders were a four piece, formed 1978 in Killeen/Texas by Davy RIP (vocals), Anthony RIP (guitars), Mikey RIP (bass) & Pat (drums). After relocating to Austin in 1980, the band became known worldwide as one of the premiere Hardcore bands out of the Lone Star state. Raw and rabid, and just as skillful in realizing their musical rebellion as, for example, their friends and drinking mates D.R.I. and MDC.
Beginning stylistically with classic Punkrock, the Four made an excellent turn to an untamed sound, which was brilliantly transformed into impetuous energy and playful sophistication with intensity and enormous passion. They ruled, without doubt the scene throughout the infamous Reagan era. This litte Sucker was brought via Hamburg based label Bitzcore and features five unprecedented quick-witted arguments, two previously released as their Lost Causes 7Inch in 1981 on Suffering Sounds plus three, probably from a demo, non-album recordings. In their eight year life-span they fabricated only two pretty cool albums, a couple of 7Inches plus loads of compilation invites. In 1986, the band dissolved much too early.

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  1. I was in the Austin scene 1981-l984 and saw them many times. Good times.. and i lived to tell the tale lol..