Saturday, August 06, 2022

V/A - Rat Music For Rat People Vol.2 1984

Well, the Bundesliga opener yesterday was a total flop, 0:5 after forty-five minutes, a brilliant performance in all areas, impressive. Bayern showed Frankfurt where the hammer is, and made it clear who wants to become Deutscher Meister. It will be difficult for any Bundesliga club to beat this team. Nevertheless, I'm sure that the SGE will play a good season. To the post: a decent compilation by CD Presents Ltd. is the second part of the mini Rat People serie. Eleven renowned bands of the Eighties with fourteen classics come to your house to tell you to keep an eye out for their records and to get your lame butt moving because those little flabs are telling you: no more convenience! Partly different versions than on their records make this delicacy an absolute listening and Pogo pleasure. And now breakfast.

1.Butthole Surf Theme Song - BUTTHOLE SURFERS
2.History - BIG BOYS
3.The Seed - BIG BOYS
5.Fake Contest - MINUTEMEN
6..Middle America - J.F.A.
7.Skate Or Bate - TALES OF TERROR
8.They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D. - FANG
9.Pay To Come Along - MDC
10.(R)evolution In Rock - MDC
11.Legacy Of Man - DICKS
12.Madman - D.R.I.
13.Sad To Be - D.R.I.
14.Postcard From Dachau - THE WHITE LIE

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