Sunday, August 07, 2022

V/A - Punk Rock Rarities Vol.1 1995

The Punk Collectors Series by Anagram Records started in 1989 and ran until mid-2005 and were released only on CD, but considering what's packed on it, this format fits perfect in this case. The idea behind was to immortalize old out of print Punkrock 7Inches/Goodies onto one compilation, be it per band, be it per label, in both cases great pieces were pressed and I'm a big fan of this series. A few are already on the blog and more will follow. From the Rarities volumes exist only two outputs, but these have a lot to offer and are dedicated to bands that didn't get much attention and released only one or two singles on small labels during their active time. Many of you, myself included, hardly had a chance to get hold of the originals because they weren't distributed professionally, had small editions, were sold by the bands themselves and were therefore hardly known across borders, real D.I.Y. spirit you know and that's totally okay. And that's why it is important that labels use their possibilities to dig out such Nuggets, so that we, who are interested, can enjoy these forgotten bursts of creative innovation today, or simply: excellent stuff!

2.Modern Politics - THE PANIK
3.Urban Damnation - THE PANIK
4.Murder - THE PANIK
5.Office Girl - THE STOAT
6.Little Jenny - THE STOAT
8.Back Street Billy - BILLY KARLOFF BAND
9.I'm Different - EMBRYO
10.You Know He Did - EMBRYO
11.Here Comes The Night - THE RIVALS
12.Both Sides - THE RIVALS
13.Sounds So False - MURDER INC.
14.Polythene Dream - MURDER INC.
15.Nobody Cares - MURDER INC.
16.Lord Of The Dance - JUMP SQUAD
17.Debt - JUMP SQUAD
18.Kings Cross - CHARGE
19.Brave New World - CHARGE
20.God's Kids - CHARGE

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  1. Thank you! These Anagram comps are great.