Friday, August 05, 2022

GLUEAMS - Discography 2010

"One of the holy grails of femme Punk underground gets a much-deserved reissue" and this straightforward ’77 masterpiece was brought to us by Static Age in an edition of 500 copies. This little label from Berlin has already revived some real Nuggets and I think, this one's is the first release at all. Egal, the Glueams were a short-lived combo which released back in the day (1979-1980) only three EP's which are all on this sucker plus seven unpolished live tracks from the "Swiss Punk Now" Festival which took place in November 1979. On this record are involved: Dorette (vocals), Huri & Martin E. & Martin P. (guitars), G.T. (bass), Marco (drums). I'll leave you with a suitable review so I don't have to write much:

"Absolutly beautifully packaged collection of the 7Inche of this essential Swiss Punx, plus a remastered but still raw live set. Fierce female vocals over artfully constructed yet raging punk that's somewhere between Jack & The Rippers, Lost Kids and TNT! Dorette's vocals are less schreechy than Poly Syrene and less arch than Kleenex, but have this raucous sexy quality them that brings to mind Lost Kids. The music is basic, sorta brutish in places but anthemic and catchier than scabies. It's hard not do dance to this shit. "365" is a dance party floor filler, "Mental" is a triumphant anthem; perfect for soundtracking another crappy day in the real world. The lead guitar part sounds weirdly intricate and repetitive. "Strassen" has this swagger to it, the vocals less exubertant than on the first Singles, then a paint-by-numbers guitar solo comes in and dislodges your brain cells. The live stuff were recorded at the is cool, but after listening to the Punk perfection of the first two seven inches it's not quite as compeling. Though it does add to the rest of the package.The cover has this crazy picture of Dorette under a weird foil covered burning cross, it gives it a dark paganlook rahter than anything else though. Releasesd in part by the people who did the amazing Hot Love book on SwissPunk that you gotta check out if you haven't already, it's the size of a phone book and probably on of the coolest documents of the early Punk scene I have seen." (Layla Gibbon, MRR May 2011)

Weekend, sunny, tonight SGE-FCB... Yippee!!!

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