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Sunday, 28 September 2014

V/A - Bloodstains Across Denmark 1997

This was my first Bloodstains compi I bought back in 1997. Denmark is a very small country and there's only been a good handful of records being released over the magic years from 1978 - 1982. Most of them are surprisingly good as well as impossible to find nowadays. So reason enough for another fine compilation with unknown rare classics from the old days. A good half of the whole early Danish punk releases has been put out by Irmgard, the most important independent label at that time. Maybe the only one too. The complete label name reads "Irmgardzweimalnebendrittenscheissenplattenbrechtenihredinger". So now you all know. Note there are 25 Cuts on the LP and not 24, Song #9 is also taken from the legendary 'Concert Of The Moment' Live LP. There are many copies from this slab in the net but I was not content with those rips so I do it by myself, hope you enjoy it. All cover artwork included and now let the old days come in.

1.Television Sect - SODS
2.Skrid - LOST KIDS
3.Doomed Generation - ELECTROCHOK
4.I Do What I Wanna Do - BRATS
5.Magazine - BRATS
8.Hooray - BUBS
9.Elektic Man - BUBS
10.I'm Not Supposed To - BOLLOCKS
11.You Might Get Hurt - BOLLOCKS
12.Suicide - SODS
13.Født Som Nul - LOST KIDS
14.Diskodreng - LOST KIDS
16.Fish In A Pool - ELECTRIC DEADS
17.Coverboy - CITY-X
18.Avis - CITY-X
19.Spectator - GATECRASHERS
20.Desillusioned - GATECRASHERS
21.Locked Doors - ELECTRIC DEADS
22.30 Years - ELECTRIC DEADS
23.Lenin Zombies - PRÜGELKNABEN
25.Rend Mig I Reven - PRÜGELKNABEN

Friday, 5 February 2016

V/A - Bloodstains Across Europe 1996

Friday morning and my computer mouse is broken and I torture myself as I write this line. Anyway, let's start with this delicious compilation by rare 7Inches from Europe and except the Aheads one are all complete, A and B side I mean, I think the same concept was taken for the Killed By Death # 77 comp. - well, we need sometimes something new and in these rapid days we all have to be flexible, so the big machine requires that....all right, musically brilliant, artwork & infos perfect, and the back cover says: 500 copies, but with bootlegs nothing's true....only the music.... who cares? (and don't forget, flexibility)

1.British Refugee - SPITFIRE BOYS
2.Mein Kampf - SPITFIRE BOYS
3.Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas - EPPU NORMALI
4.Elvisken Kuolema - EPPU NORMALI
5.Nei Nei Nei - KJØTT
6.Blålys - KJØTT
7.Et Nytt Og Bedre Liv - KJØTT
8.Freedom Of Speach - AHEADS
9.No Idea - AHEADS
10.In Down Out Up - AHEADS
11.Cola Freaks - LOST KIDS
12.Rådden Dig - LOST KIDS
13.Alle Taler - LOST KIDS
14.Pelle I Skogen - TROGSTA TRÄSK
15.Sommarbarn - TROGSTA TRÄSK
16.Hot Love - NASAL BOYS
17.Die Wüste Lebt - NASAL BOYS
18.Charlie Was A Good Boy - DOGS
19.No Way - DOGS
20.Nineteen - DOGS
21.She's My Fan - NITWITZ
22.I Saw Her Again - NITWITZ
23.Reasons - NITWITZ
24.You're So - NITWITZ


Saturday, 9 September 2017

LOST KIDS - Bla Bla 2 1981

And more record today by Copenhagen's Lost Kids and this is their second and last one, again on Medley Records and unfortunately the slab is not quite impressive as Bla Bla 1 and I play with the idea of selling them. The songs ripple without emotions and I am really disappointed, from the eleven songs are two or three really cool but the rest is lame and not my cup of tea, even a trumpet is used so what the fuck? Too much pop and the band lost their aggression and hardness. Well, somehow I had a different memory but now... listen best to yourself and write how you find it. I'm going to take a shower, then soccer and later a gig in the waggon. Cheers!

Friday, 5 August 2022

GLUEAMS - Discography 2010

"One of the holy grails of femme Punk underground gets a much-deserved reissue" and this straightforward ’77 masterpiece was brought to us by Static Age in an edition of 500 copies. This little label from Berlin has already revived some real Nuggets and I think, this one's is the first release at all. Egal, the Glueams were a short-lived combo which released back in the day (1979-1980) only three EP's which are all on this sucker plus seven unpolished live tracks from the "Swiss Punk Now" Festival which took place in November 1979. On this record are involved: Dorette (vocals), Huri & Martin E. & Martin P. (guitars), G.T. (bass), Marco (drums). I'll leave you with a suitable review so I don't have to write much:

"Absolutly beautifully packaged collection of the 7Inche of this essential Swiss Punx, plus a remastered but still raw live set. Fierce female vocals over artfully constructed yet raging punk that's somewhere between Jack & The Rippers, Lost Kids and TNT! Dorette's vocals are less schreechy than Poly Syrene and less arch than Kleenex, but have this raucous sexy quality them that brings to mind Lost Kids. The music is basic, sorta brutish in places but anthemic and catchier than scabies. It's hard not do dance to this shit. "365" is a dance party floor filler, "Mental" is a triumphant anthem; perfect for soundtracking another crappy day in the real world. The lead guitar part sounds weirdly intricate and repetitive. "Strassen" has this swagger to it, the vocals less exubertant than on the first Singles, then a paint-by-numbers guitar solo comes in and dislodges your brain cells. The live stuff were recorded at the is cool, but after listening to the Punk perfection of the first two seven inches it's not quite as compeling. Though it does add to the rest of the package.The cover has this crazy picture of Dorette under a weird foil covered burning cross, it gives it a dark paganlook rahter than anything else though. Releasesd in part by the people who did the amazing Hot Love book on SwissPunk that you gotta check out if you haven't already, it's the size of a phone book and probably on of the coolest documents of the early Punk scene I have seen." (Layla Gibbon, MRR May 2011)

Weekend, sunny, tonight SGE-FCB... Yippee!!!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

LOST KIDS - Cola Freaks EP 1979

A good run and always a pleasure listen to it are the Lost Kids from Denmark with some killer fuzzed out guitar leads, this is their second EP which was released via Medley Records. Three Killer!!! tracks, guaranteed to get in your head and stay there.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

LOST KIDS - Bla Bla 1980

Now an album of my favorite ones. Bla Bla is the first longplayer by the Danish Lost Kids from Copenhagen. Founded by Jan Jet 1978 after a trip to Britain. Danish cover versions of first generation punk songs were frequent in the early repertoire, which were revitalized by Jan Jets fresh word-games. With Sods the most famous band from this small Scandinavian country. After two 7inches, Født Som Nul and Cola Freaks, the record was released via Medley Records and is with seventeen songs perfectly loaded. What I particularly like is this record has a great variety, female/male singing, short punk goodies, reggae and a little pop stuff and the singalong factor is enormously high. The use of many instruments is positive as well and garnished here and there with decent short guitar solos. This should persuade you. Also necessarily: Bloodstains Across Denmark. Give It To Me!

Sunday, 10 February 2019

LOST KIDS - Live Copenhagen 2005

Ok, the response to yesterday's post is modest and I admit is a matter of taste. Let's start today's cold gray Sunday with an excellent live gig by the Danish Lost Kids which was recorded in Copenhagen. Connoisseurs know they have released two albums, some 7Inches and compilation tracks in the 80's and how it came to this concert eludes my knowledge. Anyway, the sound quality is excellent and powerful and presents the band in top form, was certainly a nice show. Good start for breakfast, continue ripping vinyl. Alternative download link in the comment section!

Rådden Dig/Cola Freaks/Skidt På Det Samme Lokum/Spil Det Ud/Delerium Tremens/Fascist Blues/Negativ/Paranoid/Skrid Mand/Åh Jeg Er Så Glad I Dag/Dekadencen/De Siger Oj/Reservemor/Hvem Slikker Hvems

Thursday, 12 May 2016

THE KIDS - Naughty Kids 1978

Back to the 70s and let's discover Belgium. The second album makes as seamlessly continue where the first left off, all thirteen songs could have been as yet able to do on it but probably they wanted to allow the fans a little break. With "Naughty Kids" shows us THE KIDS that they lost not their power Punk Rock & Roll... released on Fontana Records and a lot of unoffical re-releases show how great this album is... awesome!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

V/A - Killed By Death #7 1993

Volume 7 scouring the globe to distant countrys and starts in the United States, a short visit to Canada and a longer stay in good old Europe. Eighteen bands, eighteen rare punk rock nuggets is called the baggage and it would be a significant loss to lose some on the road. So beware of luggage thieves and locker tricksters. Tickets are at a reasonable price just a click away (you have to be quick). And now, enjoy a pleasant journey and come back soon. Thanks for your attention. Ende!

2.Time Wall - FIRE EXIT
3.Tits On The Beach - RUDE NORTON
5.I Don't Wanna Be Rich - GUILTY RAZORS
6.I'm Gonna Be Everything - ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS
7.UFO Dictator - TAMPAX
8.Tryin' To Mess With Me - ABSENTEES
9.Armed Robbery - DOT VAETH GROUP
10.They're Back Again - THE CIGARETTES
11.Cola Freaks - LOST KIDS
12.The Source - FRESH COLOR
13.Seize The Middle East - HATED
14.Back To Bataan - THE MAIDS
15.I'm Walking Down The Psychopath - DDT
16.Bombs - SPERMA
17.Out Out Out - ICE 9
18.Manisch Depressiv - MD


Saturday, 28 March 2020

COLA FREAKS - s/t LP 2010

Cola Freaks from Århus, named themselves after a song by the Danish punk veterans Lost Kids, are fully on the current wave of hot Danish bands that have their roots in the late 70s/early 80s, but use them to develop the sound of today. The band was formed in late 2006 with former members of bands Bitch & Rats! In August 2007 they went to America at an impressive two-month tour that covered 39 states in total. At that time the band had existed for less than a year and only released one EP. Chimera released their second EP in May 2008 and in late summer same year, the band toured again the USA, this time as opener for Jay Reatard. Eleven songs on this album that blows me right away, the lyrics are in Danish, musically a very distinctive synthie/organ sound pervades bleak gruff Punkrock, that somehow sounds retro but also owns impulsive post-Punk-rhythms and cold arty Wave-aesthetics. In the end, melodic catchy '77 garage punk tunes how's I like from these hot Scandinavians. TOP!

Monday, 9 February 2015

MONOMANIA - I'm Weird 7'' 1979

Ultra-rare Danish weirdo punk stuff from 1979 on Better Day Records. From the Danish Wikipedia site: “Monomania (also known as Mono Mania, ca. 1979-80) was a Danish experimental pop-punk/rock band consisting of members Peter Peter (guitar, vocals, also including Sods and Sort Sol), Pussy Punk (vocal, aka Kate Svanholm, also in Sofamania and Lost Kids), Eddie Haircut (drums, aka Milan Balsgaard, including Brats and Elektrochok), Vicious Decay (Ann-Christine Gløet, Elektrochok) and Sniff Høkerberg (bass, also in Brats and Support).” All those mentioned bands you can visit on the awesome Bloodstains Across Denmark Compilation. The title track is a pretty strange monotonic sound confusion which makes you listen to after a long period absolutely crazy, between in continuous intervals a 'I'm weird' and the gear into the mental hospital is safe, the flip is a short electro KBD number which is also crazy and fuckin' brilliant. This is damn good stuff and a rare bastard of a record.

Saturday, 15 January 2022

V/A - Planet Punk #4 2005

Second and last part of Planet Punk and with Volume 3, this little self-made series is already complete. H2D#26 is another tidbit full of rare stars from international bands that are still kicking ass, much in demand and popular in our fucking disillusioned times which bring little decent music to light in my opinion. Music is like inventions, there is nothing innovative that can really impress me, hardly any wow factor or thing that I can really admire. And I would say that for almost twenty years. Speaking of music, we all hear & see the so called "combos" thrown together, the TV shows which offer only shit and are played over and over by radio stations, all this crap is boring, repetitive and only geared towards profit, commercial shit and really sucks. It's really intoxicating to get acquainted with such music as on this further fantastic compilation and to eke out an existence far away from this dead & dull society. That are the words for Sunday, Amen! Enjoy the vibes of the good ole days!

1.Desire - THE STALIN
2.Hello New Punks - THE STAR CLUB
4.TV - SEX
5.Give Me Confusion - PAIN
6.Head Explosion - THE STALIN
7.D-Day Or Lost Day - THE WILLARD
9.Terciera Guera - FOGO CRUZADO
10.Ain't She Dumb - ROCKS
11.Revolution - X
12.Vem Har Gett Dom Rätten!? - REVOLT
13.I Lost My Legs - WARHEADS
14.Är Ungdomar Människor? - VACUM
15.Inuinem Rakkaus - RATSIA
16.Vik Hädan! Var Hälsad! - REVOLT
17.Moro M/System - WANNSKRÆKK
18.Dan Eften Bomben - STREBERS
19.Eibon - ASTA KASK
20.Tio Zynthar På En Rad - ZYNTHSLAKT
21.Rattus On Rautta - RATTUS
22.Kivisissa Metissa - VAU
23.Sticky Life - ROTZKOTZ
24.Wir Hams Satt - STRASSENJUNGS
25.Hey Punk - SLIME
26.C.I.A. - DER RIß
27.B Alarm - RAZZIA
28.Heute Norm Morgen Tod - S.Y.P.H.
29.We're Gonna Do What We Like - VOPO'S
30.I Don't Want To Be - BIZON KIDS
31.Two Wheels - SPEEDTWINS
32.God Save Rock'N'Roll - SUBWAY
33.Man Under My Bed - THE NIXE
34.I Got A Right - RONNIE URINI
35.Psychic Underground - TIMESHIFT
36.Pill Girl - VOGUE

- Great Thx to Mark -

Sunday, 31 July 2016

V/A - Smash The State Vol.3 1998

At the end of July one more request by a few visitors, volume three from this mini-serie of rare early Canadian punkrock and this collection is equipped with six lost nuggets, again released via No Exit Records and this was sent from a follower but I have forgotten who, sorry. Unfortunately, without inserts or good scans and maybe someone send them to me, would be cool. Get the others Volume 1+2 too, enjoy the sound and the rest of Sunday.

2.Overhead Projector - GENTLEMEN OF HORROR
4.God Knows You By Name - GENTLEMEN OF HORROR
6.Feel The Pain - BUREAUCRATS
7.Grown Up Age - BUREAUCRATS
8.Commercials For Free - SIGGY MAGIC & THE HEY-HOE BAND
10.Passive And Blue - SIGGY MAGIC & THE HEY-HOE BAND
11.Night In The City - ALLIES
12.Talkin' About My Girl - ALLIES
14.Dead Cubans - DISCORDS
15.Kill The Rich - DISCORDS
17.Ottawa Today - RED SQUARES
18.Transmitter - RED SQUARES
19.The Kids Arrived - REACTION
20.On The Beach - REACTION
21.My Only Concern Is... - DA SLYME
22.Kickin' Till Die - DA SLYME
23.I'm A Piss-Eyed Sleazoid - DA SLYME
24.One Chord Punk Rock Song - DA SLYME

Friday, 8 October 2021

VAMPA - Plugget EP 1982

Weekend and something special now from the Wanted-List and a joy for all Heavy Metal maniacs. Ultra rare Swedish D.I.Y. nugget from 1982 by Vampa from Stockholm and allow me to give you a little bit of infos about them from the re-release: They were just kids, thirteen-fourteen years old when they recorded and released their raw and very Iron Maidenesque piece of vinyl over forty years ago. The band were Robert & Ola (vocals/guitars), Robert (bass), Per (drums) and they made this all by themselves. The lyrics (sung in Swedish) is the ultimate hate for school-anthem. The boredom and frustration of (barely) teenage kids totally sick of school and its teachers has rarely been captured in a better and more enjoyable way. Even though the lyrics are in Swedish the language that grabs the listener as the needle is dropped into the groove is universal. The original EP is near impossible to find. On The Dole Records found the members and re-released this goodie in a limited edition of 500 copies in orange vinyl with new artwork by Swedish artist Oscar Nordblom, Filed under: ”beyond essential to any serious Rock’N’Roll fan”. Always nice to encounter such lost treasures, tack så mycket! 😗

Thursday, 12 May 2022

V/A - Belgique Putain Frigide 1996

Seventh homemade compilation in this theater from the CD-R bootleg label Get Baque Records. And in this episode they take a trip to Belgium and present us twenty five rare Punk/New Wave/PowerPop highlights from 1977-1982. Well, seventy-five percent of the protagonists are already known and represented on numerous compilations, the remaining twenty-five are worthwhile and interesting. That speaks once more for the variety of bands from the Euroheadquarters state. Of course you can say, "Oh no, not Belgium again" and do I need that at all? The answer is an unequivocal YES! Here we go...

1.Job In Town - THE BASTARDS
2.Nuclear Apocalypse - CHAINSAW
3.Working Man - STAGEBEAST
4.Just Like A Rainbow - ABLAZE
5.Le Prof À Mac Off - D.D.MAC OFF
8.You'll Be The One - HUBBLE BUBBLE
9.Saturday Night - JOHNNY PALERMO
10.No Monarchy - THE KIDS
12.I Am A Computer - MAD VIRGINS
13.Stooges - P.I.G.Z
14.Ça Gaze Pour Moi - PLASTICHKE
15.Heaven Only Knows - X-PULSION
16.Hot Love - ONION DOLLS
17.Life Addict - ACETYLENE
18.Tears - CHARTS
19.Violence - CONTINGENT
20.Don't Play Around - THE CROWS
21.Astronauts - GENOCID
22.Night Fever - STRUGGLER
23.The Modern Dance - DEFINITIVOS
24.Life It's A Joke - KEBAB

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

V/A - Killed By Death #51 2003

Yes, this record rule and is a fuckin' document of extreme rare, wild, rough and lost Swedish punk nuggets. Every song a classic and if you can't move your ass to this sound go and listen to Heino & friends. Like Volume 1 in a limited edition of 500 copies thrown into the world and not easy to get. I have a very good exemplar and the crackers are from the original 7Inches, within all infos and with thirty-three minutes playin' time much too short. Lovely Unbearable!

1.Monarki - DE VENERIAS
3.Frösö Sjukhus 1984 - SHIT KIDS
4.Ode To Johnny Rotten - ZEPPO & THE ZEPP-ZEPPS
5.Hem Från Storan - WBT
6.Mongoloid - QUIET MEN
7.En Våldäkt I Vinyl - BIZEX-B
8.Trivs Du I Hjo - REKLAMATION
9.Kurts Klagoord - VANVETT
10.Punk-Plonk - FORSSELL
11.Nazismen - BRIGAD 45B
12.Lämrock - BAKRUS
13.Bad Girl - ARSENIK
14.Pop I Radion - ABC 80

Saturday, 22 December 2018

A+P - s/t LP 1981

Last post before X-Mas and it's a another German classic: A+P come from Starnberg near Munich and was founded 1979 by three brothers, where bassist and guitarist are twin brothers. Characteristic are above all the snappy-critical lyrics and the unmistakable voice of the singer. What was planned as a surprise gag on the 40th birthday of the singer developed into a real reunion as part of the Punk-in-Munich project. Philip, the singer, was able to convince his two younger, then fourteen-year-old brothers and his friend Felix that they should make punk music. First, all four band members wanted to play guitar and so had to be gagged for the cast. Florian won, so Felix, who was actually the best guitarist, was on the drums. The first record was recorded with Felix, then came Jürgen Tonkel to the band, who was playing at the same time in inner German relations. Jürgen left A+P in 1984, Felix came back and the band played until 1985 in the original line-up.

The band was controversial in the then Munich scene, which was partly because they had as 'Starnberger' the reputation of Rich Kids. On the other hand, the first record was released on a major label (Jupiter Records/Ralph Siegel). So there were few appearances in Munich itself from A + P, but they played a lot in Starnberg and the surrounding area, but especially in Switzerland, where the Links Rechts EP appeared on Soilant in 1982. Jürgen worked with the band Inner German Relations (IDB) on the TV series BLAM and came in this way to acting, which he operates successfully today.

Due to the excitement of the song 'Dachau' appeared the 2nd edition of the album without this song. But anyone who dealt with the entire text of the song 'Dachau' recognized the very clear anti-fascist statement. 'Dachau' became a cult song. Even in the former GDR A+P achieved a considerable degree of awareness, tapes with the songs were copied countless times and further processed.

In 2004 A+P with Jürgen Tonkel on drums after twenty years went live again and publicly in Munich on the stage. The old A+P songs and especially the very personal but also very political lyrics have lost none of their original meaning and explosiveness. What should be a unique gig was repeated due to the incredible response in 2006 and 2007.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

KOHU-63 - Valtaa Ei Loistoa 12'' 1982

Kohu-63 was formed already in 1977, so it can be said that they are one the pioneers of punk in Finland. Their first recordings appeared on a legendary compilation, called Hilse LP, that came out in 1979. Hilse LP was the first Finnish punk compilation and it really has all the important punk bands of the late 70's. After that compilation they only sang in Finnish. Their first record came out in 1981 and it was a EP called 'Pelimannimusaa'. It was released on Poko Rekords. After that Kohu went more and more in a Hardcore direction and they released their MiniLP called 'Valtaa Ei Loistoa', also on Poko Rekords. "The missing link between Lama and the younger Finnish thrash bands. Kohu-63's newer material is considerably faster than the tracks on their '77-like 'Pelimanimusaa' EP. They certainly haven't lost any drive or power, though some of the melodic hooks may have been trampled in the stampeding tempo. Still, a fine record, and check out the Cockney Rejects-Exploited parody ('Härpsälä Kids') for a good laugh.'' - Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #3, November/December 1982)

- Special Thx to Fredrik -