Friday, October 08, 2021

VAMPA - Plugget EP 1982

Weekend and something special now from the Wanted-List and a joy for all Heavy Metal maniacs. Ultra rare Swedish D.I.Y. nugget from 1982 by Vampa from Stockholm and allow me to give you a little bit of infos about them from the re-release: They were just kids, thirteen-fourteen years old when they recorded and released their raw and very Iron Maidenesque piece of vinyl over forty years ago. The band were Robert & Ola (vocals/guitars), Robert (bass), Per (drums) and they made this all by themselves. The lyrics (sung in Swedish) is the ultimate hate for school-anthem. The boredom and frustration of (barely) teenage kids totally sick of school and its teachers has rarely been captured in a better and more enjoyable way. Even though the lyrics are in Swedish the language that grabs the listener as the needle is dropped into the groove is universal. The original EP is near impossible to find. On The Dole Records found the members and re-released this goodie in a limited edition of 500 copies in orange vinyl with new artwork by Swedish artist Oscar Nordblom, Filed under: ”beyond essential to any serious Rock’N’Roll fan”. Always nice to encounter such lost treasures, tack sĂ„ mycket! 😗

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