Saturday, January 02, 2016

LOST KIDS - Bla Bla 1980

Now an album of my favorite ones. Bla Bla is the first longplayer by the Danish Lost Kids from Copenhagen. Founded by Jan Jet 1978 after a trip to Britain. Danish cover versions of first generation punk songs were frequent in the early repertoire, which were revitalized by Jan Jets fresh word-games. With Sods the most famous band from this small Scandinavian country. After two 7inches, Født Som Nul and Cola Freaks, the record was released via Medley Records and is with seventeen songs perfectly loaded. What I particularly like is this record has a great variety, female/male singing, short punk goodies, reggae and a little pop stuff and the singalong factor is enormously high. The use of many instruments is positive as well and garnished here and there with decent short guitar solos. This should persuade you. Also necessarily: Bloodstains Across Denmark. Give It To Me!


  1. happy new year and thanks for lost kids was wondering if you have a good copy of their 2nd lp all copies I've downloaded have skips. thanks in advance

    1. I have bla bla 2, I have not rip it, comes sometimes this year, stay tuned!

  2. Rip "Bla Bla 2" please (・_・;)

  3. Been searching for this for hours thank you!