Friday, 1 January 2016

VULPESS - Me Gusta Seruna Zorra 2005

Female punk band made up of four women. Pioneers of the aggressiveness they showed in their songs and concerts, there were a hole in the Basque musical scene. Vulpess (latin name for fox, and this a slang name for whore if I understand right) was the first punk female band in the Basque Country (Spain), formed in 1982 by four girls between seventeen and twenty-one years old. The had their glory minute when they played in TV "Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra" (I like being a whore) in a TV program in 1983. They released one great single and they dissolved the same year. The music is actually more '77 punk/garage and catchy then most of the stuff on this site, but still aggresive enough to grab every punk's attention. Too bad they didn't make at least another record. In 2005 met promptly and returned to the studio to record this CD. In 2012 came out a live album called Barbarela '83 via Punk Away Records in an edition of 800 copies, recorded live in Palma, must be also great. Get It


  1. Hi bro.Happy 2016 and many thanks for all suff you bring up here.
    I only want to say (although my English is not good) that You're right:I'm Spanish and "Zorra" in English you could translate as Whore, Slut, Bitch and similar adjectives to define this kind of women.Cheers

  2. Hi Milord, thx for your confirmation.

  3. That's nothing and thank you very mucho for all your constant gems you bring up here; and be strong even in your bleakest moments (I'm an old follower of your blog and I know what your girlfriend happened), so Feel the power to Carry on (sorry if my English is "crazy", I hate using translators so I write what is coming to my head; in fact I'm studying an A2 English course since several months ago).Best wishes

    1. okay, then you might know my feelings. Still heavy and sometimes I wanna quit with the Blog. Then comes back again the strength to go ahead with it... feel a little like a schizo... anyway... nice that you follow further. Cheers!