Friday, 1 January 2016

WILLI WARMA - Ich Sprenge Alle Ketten! 7'' 1981

First post in 2016 and I wanna start with a good motto: I blast all chains! I hope you all arrived perpendicular.

Figurehead of the Linz music scene end of the 70s were Willi Warma. According to the Vienna Music funnel "Linzer best local band." The legendary punk heroes Willi Warma (1977-1983) were not only the "only Austrian rock and roll band, which also looked like a rock'n'roll band, they lived and behaved. The very name of Willi Warma had a magical, mysterious, wicked attraction, briefly joined punk with glam rock, and was also so sexy like nothing else in the former Austrian music scene. From their home in Linz - the equally legendary "Café Landgraf" - conquered the band early 1980 Vienna by storm, became regular guests at trendy venues like the U4 and spread so the news of Linz as the absolute hot spot of the Austrian punk, new wave & underground scene. They brought new wind with their präpotent glamorous style and the excessive "the most arrogant band in the country" ("The Vienna") but also the first time something like a pop-consciousness and Popknowin' (in the sense of writing popmyths about pop songs) to Austria. Willi Warma played punk as Idea of pop as the idea of punk and pop. And they were absolutely the undisputed champion in matters of teenage anthems! Moreover, with "Stahlstadtkinder" they brought the sense of time and a whole generation to the point. The end comes a little later in early 1983. After the first foreign business (in the Nuremberg KOMM) dissolve Willi Warma, despite further offers concert, while driving home to Linz. The Complete Works of the band there are now on CD. "Stahlstadtkinder" (Fish Records) brings nineteen songs, including some unpublished recordings and live recordings, a quarter of a century later access. So here two awesome tracks, A-Side a pissoff punk tune, the B-Side a cool reggae bitch. Superb!!!

- Special Thx to Reinhard -