Thursday, 31 December 2015

DE PRESS - Block To Block 1981

De Press is a Polish-Norwegian new wave band founded in Oslo in 1980. They were among the leading Norwegian new wave bands, and also gained a following in Poland. The original De Press had the following line-up: Andrej Nebb (Andrzej Dziubek) - vocals & bass, Jørn Christensen - guitar, Ola Snortheim - drums & percussion and the debut album Block to Block was one of the most influential Norwegian rock releases in the early 80's (alongside The Aller Værste's Materialtretthet). With their unmistakeable blend of typical early 80's dark new wave rock and Eastern European influences (complete with Polish refugee Andrej Nebb's often unintelligble Norwegian-English-Polish lyrics), they have remained an oft-referenced band in Norwegian rock. Original pressings of their early work fetch high prices on the second hand market, and although none of their subsequent album releases matched their debut in terms of acclaim and popularity, Block to Block is consistenly rated high on "best Norwegian albums of all time" lists and is nowadays a true classic punk/wave album. The original De Press disbanded in 1981, but also recorded a second album in 1982 called Product. They reunited in 1991. By 1995, Nebb was the only remaining original member. With various line-ups, Nebb's De Press still tour and release records in Poland.

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