Wednesday, 30 December 2015

DER FLUCH - s/t LP 1982

Side projekt of Deutscher W, lead singer of OHL, which were founded 1981 in Leverkusen. Their early sound is a bit Influenced by bands like The Cramps and Meteors and naturally OHL. The first album was released in 1982 on Rock-O-Rama and that same year the Gesandten Des Grauens 12'' plus three goodies on the 'Die Deutschen Kommen' comp. After that the band disappeared for twelve years until 1994, then comes the album 'Für Immer' out and the music became harder and the lyrics are still influenced by the Hammer films and horror B-movies. In 1994 they were represented with Betet Für Uns on the Godfathers of German Gothic compilation and thus pays tribute to the influence of Der Fluch on the German Gothic-Rock scene. Until 2002 they published three albums. The band is still existing, but plays only sporadically live. I like those early tunes and I think these are the best recordings from Der Fluch, pretty minimalistic and very catchy. Today rarities, at that time they were laughed. So kann's gehen, nicht wahr. In this file are the songs of the 12" included. The envoys of horror ask for the dance, don't let them wait!

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