Wednesday, 30 December 2015

V/A - Killed By Death #5 1993

Not easy now to bring a worthy post but I think I found with a further compilation of the Killed By Death series the right one. First pressing on black vinyl with black and silver labels, the re-release comes in orange vinyl. Nineteen songs from rare punk records from all over the world and the range is of course again superb. Gets my full marks. Seek the blog for more stuff while listen to this record.

1.What The Fuck - BLACK EASTER
2.Job - THE NUBS
3.Microwave Radiation - X-TERMINATORS
4.White Stains - THE MOLLS
5.Romantic - THE STALIN
6.Cry For Fame - DIETER MEIER
7.Tammy Wynette - THE MAGGOTS
8.Teenage Life - THE COWBOYS
9.Look Around (I Was So Upset) - HUBBLE BUBBLE
10.If I Watch TV - NEO PUNKZ
11.Reborn - SHITDOGS
12.Shoot The Pope - RPA
13.Clubnite - TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS
14.Corporate Food - ANONYMOUS
15.Drugs - RIOT 303
16.Nazi School - CRACKED ACTOR
17.Afraid Of The Russians - STIPHNOYDS
18.No Monarchy - THE KIDS
19.Sweet Rot - HUBBLE BUBBLE


  1. I am reading from phone this time and cannot read your sea foam green's impossible!!! Oh well R.i.p. To Lemmy the great

  2. Sorry now I look back and color of issue is Purple FYI

    1. you mean the re-release via??? my copy is orange.
      maybe there are different versions pressed, just bootleg.