Saturday, 2 January 2016

NEGAZIONE - Venlo/Bauwagenplatz 27.04.1985

Negazione is a hardcore punk band based in Turin, Italy during the 80's and early 90's. Formed in 1983, they were one of the most important band for the hardcore punk scene in Italy at the time. They were one of the early bands of the Italian hardcore punk scene, like Raw Power, Wretched, Declino & Indigesti. Negazione broke up in 1992, their last show being at that year's Monsters of Rock (?) festival. They are still remembered as hardcore legends by many not just in Italy, but also world-wide. This Bootleg is a fuckin' killer, a MUST for every Hardcore fan. Seventeen fast and raw trashers in thirty minutes in an amazing quality. If you don't get this then you're definitely on the wrong blog!!!!

Cannibale/Transistor/Maschere/La Mia Mente/Plastica Umanita'/Sogni E Bisogni/Chiuso In Te Stesso/Noi/Ancora Qui/Alibi/Irrazionalita' Sconnessa/Omicida 357 Magnum/Metodi Di Giudizio/Maggioranza-Minoranza/Incubo Di Morte/Non Mi Dire/Niente