Monday, 9 February 2015

MONOMANIA - I'm Weird 7'' 1980

Ultra-rare Danish weirdo punk stuff from 1980 on Better Day Records. From the Danish Wikipedia site: “Monomania (also known as Mono Mania, ca. 1979-80) was a Danish experimental pop-punk/rock band consisting of members Peter Peter (guitar, vocals, also including Sods and Sort Sol), Pussy Punk (vocal, aka Kate Svanholm, also in Sofamania and Lost Kids), Eddie Haircut (drums, aka Milan Balsgaard, including Brats and Elektrochok), Vicious Decay (Ann-Christine Gløet, Elektrochok) and Sniff Høkerberg (bass, also in Brats and Support).” All those mentioned bands you can visit on the awesome Bloodstains Across Denmark Compilation. The title track is a pretty strange monotonic sound confusion which makes you listen to after a long period absolutely crazy, between in continuous intervals a 'I'm weird' and the gear into the mental hospital is safe, the flip is a short electro KBD number which is also crazy and fuckin' brilliant. This is damn good stuff and a rare bastard of a record.

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