Monday, 9 February 2015

JELLO BIAFRA + THE MELVINS - Music Hall/Cologne 20.06.2005

In 2005 Jello Biafra came with the Melvins for three gigs to Germany. And here we have a phenomenal impression from the show in cologne. It's not my rip and I will give this to you because why not. Amazing Jello's performance and I remember the gig here in summer 2010 or 2011 when I joined this amazing show with my precious Love in the Batschkapp (R.I.P.) with his new band the Guantanamo School Of Medicine and he shows us: "I'm Not Quiet, I'm Alive!!!". What should I write?? This man is a nuclear bomb and a icon in the whole punk scene. The recording quality is pretty good and it's always a pleasure to hear something new from the ex-DK frontman. Enjoy!!!

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  1. das schon wieder 10 Jahre her?? Ich habe damals die Show in Berlin mit Fantomas zusammen gesehen. Der ganze Saal hat gepogt und Jello ist unglaublich abgegangen...