Sunday, February 10, 2019

LOST KIDS - Live Copenhagen 2005

Ok, the response to yesterday's post is modest and I admit is a matter of taste. Let's start today's cold gray Sunday with an excellent live gig by the Danish Lost Kids which was recorded in Copenhagen. Connoisseurs know they have released two albums, some 7Inches and compilation tracks in the 80's and how it came to this concert eludes my knowledge. Anyway, the sound quality is excellent and powerful and presents the band in top form, was certainly a nice show. Good start for breakfast, continue ripping vinyl. Alternative download link in the comment section!

Rådden Dig/Cola Freaks/Skidt På Det Samme Lokum/Spil Det Ud/Delerium Tremens/Fascist Blues/Negativ/Paranoid/Skrid Mand/Åh Jeg Er Så Glad I Dag/Dekadencen/De Siger Oj/Reservemor/Hvem Slikker Hvems


  1. danke! love the scandinavian stuff, most unknown to me, but, Boy, what talents to discover!

  2. any chance this could be uploaded with something other than zippyshare all files from zippyshare keep coming up as corrupt. but many thanks for posting this