Tuesday, February 14, 2017

V/A - Killed By Death #51 2003

Yes, this record rule and is a fuckin' document of extreme rare, wild, rough and lost Swedish punk nuggets. Every song a classic and if you can't move your ass to this sound go and listen to Heino & friends. Like Volume 1 in a limited edition of 500 copies thrown into the world and not easy to get. I have a very good exemplar and the crackers are from the original 7Inches, within all infos and with thirty-three minutes playin' time much too short. Lovely Unbearable!

1.Monarki - DE VENERIAS
3.Frösö Sjukhus 1984 - SHIT KIDS
4.Ode To Johnny Rotten - ZEPPO & THE ZEPP-ZEPPS
5.Hem Från Storan - WBT
6.Mongoloid - QUIET MEN
7.En Våldäkt I Vinyl - BIZEX-B
8.Trivs Du I Hjo - REKLAMATION
9.Kurts Klagoord - VANVETT
10.Punk-Plonk - FORSSELL
11.Nazismen - BRIGAD 45B
12.Lämrock - BAKRUS
13.Bad Girl - ARSENIK
14.Pop I Radion - ABC 80

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