Wednesday, 15 February 2017

V/A - The Rare Stuff? 1978

The Rare Stuff is a record which was to date unknown to me and I do not know a single song about it and I'm pleased to hear new fresh sounds and all sixteen ditty's are very welcome so we step in. Especially the Saints (Australia) stuff please me and I wonder why I did not find them somewhere before?? Hmmm... anyway, I guess this will change now. Also the rest (U.K.) is presentable and overall a very good piece of 33⅓ RPM. So the morning program ends and keep your peckers up!

1.River Deep Mountain High - THE SAINTS
2.Dot Dash - WIRE
3.Him Or Me - THE BANNED
4.E.C.4. - THE FLYS
5.Only Arsenic - RICH KIDS
6.Love And A Molotov Cocktail - THE FLYS
7.You Dirty Rat - THE BANNED
8.One Way Street - THE SAINTS
9.Lipstick On Your Collar - THE SAINTS
10.Demolition Girl - THE SAINTS
11.Options R - WIRE
12.Can I Crash Here? - THE FLYS
13.Civilization - THE FLYS
14.C.P.G.J.'s - THE BANNED
15.Little Girl - THE BANNED
16.Cyrinda - THE SHIRTS

- Big Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Thanks to you and Fredrik for this rare stuff and God bless you

  2. If you have not heard of The Flys either, find their Living in the Sticks 7in and the Bunch of Fives 7in.

    1. The Flys 'Own' album I know but it's a bit lame for my taste, that's all.

    2. their earlier material is faster

    3. Then entertain me Lewdd

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  4. "Especially the Saints (Australia) stuff please me and I wonder why I did not find them somewhere before??"

    What? Well, you're lucky - you're about to discover one of the greatest bands from 77!! A real treat! First two albums are Meisterwerke!! (3rd one's good but quieter)

    The songs included here come all from their 1,2,3,4 EP.

    I'd say Lewdd is right about the Flys' earlier stuff.

    Never read about this album. It seems a collection of singles, with some rare B-sides. I have like half of the record already but I don't have the Banned's 2nd single and some Flys' sides, so here I go!

    Thanks WDM and Fredrik!

    Fernando :)