Wednesday, 15 February 2017

CARNAGE - All The Sad People 7'' 1983

From Bexhill-On-Sea, England comes this combo and they released after their Beautiful Carnage demo this 7'' at Creative Reality Records. And today I'm very lazy about writing and I'm using this short but full of content review: "This debut combines a garage recording, psychedelia, and an early U.K. punk sound with a modern anarchist stance. It has spunk and scathing cynical lyrics. Not exceptional, but raw and spirited." - Ruth Schwartz, from MRR #11. - I move back to the soccer Champions-League and leave you with this nugget.


  1. great blog! I'm Looking for PUNKENSTEIN andere zeiten cd from 1997, could you help me? And I wish to know if operation gomorrah (1984 ep ) released other stuff during their career ( also demotape in case ), vielen danke, Luca

    1. I can help with Punkenstein , not with Operation Gomorrah (?) - gotta post the record soon. Cheers!

  2. thank you!! Luca

  3. Thanks for this single WDM! I used to love Carnage's songs in both the Bullshit Detector III and the We don't want your fucking law comps, but never knew if they had other stuff. I've just seen in discogs that they even made a couple of LP's...


    Fernando :)