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Saturday, February 03, 2018

V/A - Amerika First (Punk Rarities 1977-'83)

Let's open Pandora's Box today with another unofficial CD-R and I guess someone has put together his favorite records under one motto and lovingly distributed in a small edition (50 copies each) among the people, parallels to Get Baque Records are obvious. The whole stuff released via Fab Fuhrer Records/Second Chance Records, this copy in 2012 and nine comps (FFR), respectively fifteen (SCR) are appeared so farAmerika First is a journey through six years of early international punk and documented are thirty snotty reasons why America's a cool place to live and why Americans are the happiest bipeds. I think, it must be thought about or... and may the force be with you should you think different. The credits are a bit wrong, but I downloaded this somewhere as well. Definitive a row to my taste... Now breakfast!

2.What Do You Think Of The USA? - THE NORMALS
3.America - AGENT ORANGE
4.American Life - BOHEMIA
5.American Society - EDDIE & THE SUBTITLES
6.Serfin' USA - BAS CLAS
7.Amerika First - THE GIZMOS
9.American - U.S. CHAOS
10.So American - THE MUTANTS
12.American Faces - THE RIVALS
13.She's An American - BUREAUCRATS
14.American Girl - DIRTY WORK
15.America's Oldest Teenager - THE SHEMPS
16.Stupid Americans - THE EX
17.White Trash Of America - FORGOTTEN REBELS
18.American Nightmare - FALSE IDOLS
19.Stuff The USA - THE RIP-OFFS
20.Amerikan Society - CULT HEROES
21.Land Of The Free - CURTISS A
22.Land Of The Free - RESTLESS VIRGINS
23.Unnational Anthem - DESENDANTS
24.Voice Of America - FRONT LINES
25.Execution By The State - THE FRONT
26.Operation Annihilation - COMMANDOS
27.Yankee Go Home! - (IMPATIENT) YOUTH
28.Fighting In The USA - THE SINS

Thursday, February 15, 2018

CHARTS - Tears 7'' 1979

At the beginning of the punkhype Belgium had a lively scene and lots of good bands made cool records, one of them follows now and it's another re-post which was first posted on the unfortunately inactive Girls From Tahiti Blog seven years ago and as loyal reader you know which rare and fantastic records were to be found there. Well, about the Charts there is absolutely zero info and even on relevant compilations the four are nowhere to found. Their only slab was released on Eden Production and Tears I've already used for one of my boring selfmade composition, the heartbreaking Kiss This (re-upped) weed. The a-side is a decent 3:44 number and I would almost say that I hear a slight breeze of Oi!, comparable to the early English or South American sound, the guitar heavily distorted and four chords are enough. The flip sounds as well, just a bit shorter = finished. Get Baque Records released a cool CD called Belgique Putain Frigide with massive highlights of the early Belgian scene and Charts were immortalized on it - Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

V/A - Trip Fixe 1996

August kick off with another compilation from Get Baque Records with rare stuff, this time from beautiful Portugal. Twenty nuggets from 1978 - 1982 and make clear that there was also an excellent underground scene, albeit small, but they wrote heartily variable and refreshing songs and the original 7Inches from which most of the pieces are sourced are hard to get today. Therefore, it is important that music maniacs like us are bringing their collections to the people. Discover new and old well-tried and enjoy the evening sun at the beach with fresh antique music and a cold longdrink!

1.Eu Não Sei - AQUI D'EL ROCK
2.Quero Tudo - AQUI D'EL ROCK
3.Caçada - UHF
4.She's Gonna Leave Me - SPEEDS
5.Where I Used To Play - SPEEDS
6.Destruição - C.T.T.
7.Estou Farto - FM
8.Sê Um GNR - GNR
9.Portugal Na Cee - GNR
10.Vem Daí - NZZN
11.Trip Fixe - NZZN
13.Sangue No Meu Mundo - PIZOLIZO
14.Bolinhas De Sabão - TILT
15.Gatinha De Luxo - TNT
16.Rua Do Carmo - UHF
17.Terra De Ninguém - VODKA LARANJA
19.Quotidiano - SEMÁFORO
20.Um Chuto No Quarto - STRATUS

Sunday, November 01, 2020

V/A - Je Suis Né Dans Une Poubelle 1996

Welcome November, the most terrible month of the year and I want to brighten up the gray days with rare goodies and bridge the dark mood for you. And I'm starting with another rare compilation from Get Baque Records, this time with GBR 025 and this volume brings us rare pieces of French Punk 1979-1984. Many of the bands involved have released at least one single which can also be found in the blog and overall the selection is very successful as almost every CD-R from the makers, whose detectives do a very good job. In the meantime it is difficult to get these parts because some noses have blocked the sale but I recommend that you contact the responsible persons directly via discogs if you're interested. I think 100 - 500 copies exist. 

1.J'ai Vécu Tout Ca - CORAIL
2.Fidèle Au Poste - SAFETY
3.Quand Le Blitz Va Déferler - BLITZ
4.Tiens Voilà Du Sang - CHROME OZONE
5.Pochron - DIALYX
6.Suburb - OX
7.No Secret - TOXIC
8.P'tit Coeur Noir - MOKO
9.Police Call - LOS HÉROS
10.Délire - TAÏEB
11.Dejeholae Rocko - VATICAN
12.Abus De Pouvoir - Z CRAIGNOS
13.Paris S'Ennuie - JUSTIFIÉ X
14.Manège - RATICIDE
15.Lêttre D'un Bidasse - TIERS-ETAT
16.Nuit Après Nuit - VONN
17.Je Suis Né Dans Une Poubelle - ACID BOYS
18.Cherchez L'Erreur - THE BATS
19.Sous-Sol - IDENTITÉ
20.Divers Faits - SCORBUT

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

V/A - Greek Wave 1998

Now one more great compilation from the D.I.Y. label Get Baque Records and I'm in a hurry so not much words about it. Except it's again full with rare cool stuff, this time from my favorite holiday country and a few records can be found in the blog. Musical range goes from Punk, New Wave and some rockin' tunes. Excellent selection, as with the first CD-R La ReperaAnd now guess where I'll be next week - Have a great time!

1.All Alone - VAVOURA BAND
2.Vana G Vana - VAVOURA BAND
3.Sweating All Over - MAGIC DE SPELL
4.Virgin Freedom - MAGIC DE SPELL
5.I'm Living Like A Fool - HEADLEADERS
7.Computer World - THE REPORTERS
8.I See No! - VILLA 21
9.Crow's Complaint - YELL-O-YELL
10.Imitation Of The Real - YELL-O-YELL
11.Idiot's Power - BIRTH WARD '82
12.Modern Trouble -BIRTH WARD '82
13.Eyka Keia - CLOWN
14.Kaooyn - CLOWN
15.Shadows - METRO DECAY
16.Move! - VILLA 21
17.The New Revolution - BUTTERFLIES
18.Daily Situations - BUTTERFLIES
19.Leave My Body Alone - ZERO ZERO
20.Mona Lisa - ZERO ZERO

Thursday, May 12, 2022

V/A - Belgique Putain Frigide 1996

Seventh homemade compilation in this theater from the CD-R bootleg label Get Baque Records. And in this episode they take a trip to Belgium and present us twenty five rare Punk/New Wave/PowerPop highlights from 1977-1982. Well, seventy-five percent of the protagonists are already known and represented on numerous compilations, the remaining twenty-five are worthwhile and interesting. That speaks once more for the variety of bands from the Euroheadquarters state. Of course you can say, "Oh no, not Belgium again" and do I need that at all? The answer is an unequivocal YES! Here we go...

1.Job In Town - THE BASTARDS
2.Nuclear Apocalypse - CHAINSAW
3.Working Man - STAGEBEAST
4.Just Like A Rainbow - ABLAZE
5.Le Prof À Mac Off - D.D.MAC OFF
8.You'll Be The One - HUBBLE BUBBLE
9.Saturday Night - JOHNNY PALERMO
10.No Monarchy - THE KIDS
12.I Am A Computer - MAD VIRGINS
13.Stooges - P.I.G.Z
14.Ça Gaze Pour Moi - PLASTICHKE
15.Heaven Only Knows - X-PULSION
16.Hot Love - ONION DOLLS
17.Life Addict - ACETYLENE
18.Tears - CHARTS
19.Violence - CONTINGENT
20.Don't Play Around - THE CROWS
21.Astronauts - GENOCID
22.Night Fever - STRUGGLER
23.The Modern Dance - DEFINITIVOS
24.Life It's A Joke - KEBAB

Monday, August 28, 2017

CORAIL - Comme Un Surfer 7'' 1979

One more rare 7Inch from France. In Paris are Corail at home and they released their sole record without an label, and are thus another band which no television sect, maybe a few, have them on their radar. No compilation contributions or other activities are known (except on the CD-R Je Suis Né Dans Une Poubelle by Get Baque Records GBR 25) and therefore as white as my wallpaper. Fact is, both lullabies kick decently, in which the flip is clearly the better one with its excellent dirty catchy mid-tempo beat. The a-side is a simple rockin' stomper with perfect guitars and a solid solo, four minutes must be filled.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

V/A - All Quiet On The Eastern Front? 1998

I hope you were all decent at home on this sunny weather and listen to lots of music and enjoy cold beers. If not, do it now with this selfmade compilation from Get Baque Records, #029 illuminates the east of Europe and even there first-class material were recorded by famous bands, which can be found in large numbers on wdthtc, and we beam back to the years 1978-1986 and enjoy twenty rare goodiesExcellent selection and interesting for all who would like to discover something new. I now open another beer and enjoy my evening, take care!

1.Lepi In Prazni - PANKRTI
2.Lublana Je Bulana - PANKRTI
4.Moj Život Je Novi Val - PARAF
5.Biti Ruzan, Pametan I Mlad - PEKINŠKA PATKA
6.Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu - PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE
9.Namesto Tebe - PANKRTI
10.The Real One - BRYGADA KRYZYS
11.Kicsinál Szódát - BIKINI
12.Spytaj Milicjanta - DEZERTER
13.Nasza Edukacja - ŚMIERC KLINICZNA
14.Association - WYX
15.Lie Lie Lie - WYX
16.Jestem Ziarnkiem Piasku - ŚMIERC KLINICZNA
17.Każdy Się Boi Swojej Paranoi - TILT
18.Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy - TZN XENNA
19.Ciemny Pokój - TZN XENNA
20.Jest Bezpiecznie - SIEKIERA

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

V/A - Quelle Époque Épique! 1996

After a long time another hot compilation from Get Baque Records, the label with taste & fine touch, presents on its fifth round of great punk classics French Punksploitations from 1977-1983. All cuts were taken by rare 7Inches which rot nowadays in some cellars are therefore difficult to obtain and to secure the pension (if we reach it at all). You can even find some of these treasures here in the blog and should they be down leave acomment to the corresponding post. Of course, also appeared in a limited edition, number unclear, and the excellent mix of Punk, Rock'NRoll and Wave makes once again clear how versatile the French musicians of this time were. At any rate, I can't find any gap fillers so here we go!

1.Donne-Moi Ton Corps Juste Pour Le Sport - SUBLIME DELUXE
2.Flip Intégral - BULLDOZER
3.Le Monde Est Fou - ANATOLE FRANTZ
4.Je Ne Suis Pas Bien Portant - GEIGER
5.Chimène Hovelicot - FATSY WATAIRE
6.Ça Va Vite - PETIT POIS
7.Ca Va Mal Pour Moi - COLIN MALICE
8.Annie Tendresse - VITAMINE
9.Je Joue Avec la Mort - LAURENT STOPNICKI
10.La Petite Agathe - GÉRARD DEPARDIEU
11.Rock'N'Rolls - SODA FRAISE
12.No Fun Bébé - ROCK N'ROLLER
13.Passez La Monnaie - DIESEL
14.Trégastel - FERNAND L'ECLAIR
15.C'est La Défonce - GERARD BôLE DU CHAUMONT
16.J'Ai La Fie'Vre - MARC CHARLAN
17.J'comprends Pas - MARTY & TRANSISTAR
18.Les Roses Blanches - CHAPS
19.Meunier Tu Es Cocu - GÉRARD BLANCHARD
20.Quelle Époque Épique Et Punk - PIERô

Sunday, May 28, 2017

V/A - La Repera 1996

Ah Fuck, unfortunately nothing with the DFB Cup yesterday and thus also next year not internationally present, after all a very good game of the SGE and congratulations to the black-yellows. Let's go to what's more pleasurable, talk about Get Baque Records. A private amateurish 'label' which specializes in rare stuff, mainly from Europe, and all music is ripped from original vinyls and it's 100% D.I.Y. and pressed in a limited edition. I think someone has digitized his record collection and shares this in form of CD-R with us, simple artwork to that and finished is a small musical highlight. I'm sure this is a lot work and takes toil and time but the result is worth the effort. This is the first GBR compilation with twenty Spanish rarities 1978-1983. Well, whether I would sell them is another story. So, thirty degrees today, time for sun.

2.Esperando En La Puerta Del WC - BASURA
3.La Pluma Electrica - KAKA DE LUXE
4.General Idi Amin Dada - MORTIMER
5.El Rey Del Pollo Frito - RAMONCÍN Y W.C.?
6.Ira Roja - RED BOX EL ROJO
7.Ya Nadie Cree En Le Revolucion - ALMEN T.N.T.
8.Tieso De Talegos - ESCORBUTO CRONÍCO
9.Matanza De Una Noche De Verano - GARAGE
10.Muevete - MOTOS
12.Descontrol - PVP
13.Te Vere A Las Diez - SPRAYS
14.1984 Euroshima - T.N.T.
15.Muérete - LA UVI
16.Felices Dias En Auschwitz - INTERTERRÖR
17.Treblinka - KGB
18.Pow 1! - OX POW
19.Inkisición - VULPESS
20.Ella Sabe (Lo Que Tiene Que Hacer) - ZOQUILLOS

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

GARAGE - En Movimiento EP 1982

Amazing first record by this four piece from Alicante and the band were founded by Angel + Carlos (guitars), Basilio (vocals + bass) and Carlos (drums) and I have no further info except one year later a second single was made via Dos Rombos Discos. Really a pity because what the guys here celebrate is first cream. Three excellent uncompromising kbd flowers and it's no wonder that one was use for the fantastic La Repera compilation on Get Baque Records. One more slab of rare nuggets from the early 80's and makes the frost melt, guaranteed!