Thursday, 15 February 2018

CHARTS - Tears 7'' 1979

At the beginning of the punkhype Belgium had a lively scene and lots of good bands made cool records, one of them follows now and it's another re-post which was first posted on the unfortunately inactive Girls From Tahiti Blog seven years ago and as loyal reader you know which rare and fantastic records were to be found there. Well, about the Charts there is absolutely zero info and even on relevant compilations the four are nowhere to found. Their only slab was released on Eden Production and Tears I've already used for one of my boring selfmade composition, the heartbreaking Kiss This (re-upped) weed. The a-side is a decent 3:44 number and I would almost say that I hear a slight breeze of Oi!, comparable to the early English or South American sound, the guitar heavily distorted and four chords are enough. The flip sounds as well, just a bit shorter = finished. Get Baque Records released a cool CD called Belgique Putain Frigide with massive highlights of the early Belgian scene and Charts were immortalized on it - Enjoy!!

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