Friday, 16 February 2018

RÄDSLA - Sanningen För Pojkar 1981

Founded 1979 in Lund/Sweden by Mikael (vocals), Henki + Boklund (guitars), Mats (bass) and Bure (drums) and together they were a pretty rough powerpop-punk blast, maybe the first who have long rehearsed. The name Rädsla (Fear) is taken from a song that they called Fear and they thought this was a good one because it is often found in newspapers with both: fun and exciting meanings. 1980 the band released their first 7Inch called "Mannen" on Heartwork Records with three songs, one year later this mini album followed, again on Heartwork Records and on it seven remarkable tunes. Not in the traditional KBD style, rather very playful with nice harmonic snotty guitars, exact my cup of tea and I can listen again & again to their charmin' sound. This album is a real highlight and everything is perfect. Rädsla have further contribute a few songs for various compilations (check Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3 & 4 for example) and 1981 the band broke up. Enjoy this music and finally you will say: "From being nothing, they have become something!"

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