Saturday, 17 February 2018

GLUEAMS - Live EP 1981

All these songs on this awesome EP were recorded @ the "Swiss Punk Now" Festival in November 1979 and Glueams are the only band which released a few samples of this legendary two-day festival and the sound quality is fuckin' TOP! Spray painted cover, done by Dorette herself and 1000 copies were pressed. Glueams were a swiss punk band from Bern with female singer and lyrics in swiss dialect. They had a short existence, I think two years exactly (1979-1981) and the band turned later to legendary art wave/punk band called Grauzone, who created the smash hit "Eisbär"! Glueams released all in all three 7inches and they arequite essential. Raw dirty + catchy killer stuff and extreme hard for an alpine country in my opinion. In 2010 came a complete discography album by Static Age out with all their official songs and if you had the chance to buy a copy don't hesitate. Swiss Punk at it's fuckin' best!! Cheers :)

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