Tuesday, 29 August 2017

V/A - Greek Wave 1998

Now one more great compilation from the D.I.Y. label Get Baque Records and I'm in a hurry so not much words about it. Except it's again full with rare cool stuff, this time from my favorite holiday country and a few records can be found in the blog. Musical range goes from Punk, New Wave and some rockin' tunes. Excellent selection, as with the first CD-R La ReperaAnd now guess where I'll be next week - Have a great time!

1.All Alone - VAVOURA BAND
2.Vana G Vana - VAVOURA BAND
3.Sweating All Over - MAGIC DE SPELL
4.Virgin Freedom - MAGIC DE SPELL
5.I'm Living Like A Fool - HEADLEADERS
7.Computer World - THE REPORTERS
8.I See No! - VILLA 21
9.Crow's Complaint - YELL-O-YELL
10.Imitation Of The Real - YELL-O-YELL
11.Idiot's Power - BIRTH WARD '82
12.Modern Trouble -BIRTH WARD '82
13.Eyka Keia - CLOWN
14.Kaooyn - CLOWN
15.Shadows - METRO DECAY
16.Move! - VILLA 21
17.The New Revolution - BUTTERFLIES
18.Daily Situations - BUTTERFLIES
19.Leave My Body Alone - ZERO ZERO
20.Mona Lisa - ZERO ZERO


  1. Have a nice holiday, you deserve it Wildevilman!

  2. the label "get baque" seems to be very interesting .I think i'm going to purchase some of their releases
    "get baque comes from a song of the French punk band Starshooter who covered Get back of Beatles fame
    A pretty good rendition with a ton of insults for the Fab four
    Obviously promptly banned and censored
    PS ; Greece is definitively a good spot for fun in summer

    1. thx Via and yes François, the Get Baque label is worth buyin' and be sure there are comin' more here, I love such people who share their rare stuff with maniacs like us. I would do it as well and share what I have already with you all out there.

  3. Damn! I'm new to this blog, i just discovered it. I've been looking to fing the Get Baque series, now that i find some titles here, the links are expired. Oh well. Cheers

    1. Welcome Anonymous, you can find a few in this theatre.
      link's fixed - ENJOY!

  4. Wow! Thanks for this one too. I asked for the re-up. I,m just seeing this. Cheers