Sunday, 28 May 2017

V/A - La Repera 1996

Ah Fuck, unfortunately nothing with the DFB Cup yesterday and thus also next year not internationally present, after all a very good game of the SGE and congratulations to the black-yellows. Let's go to what's more pleasurable, talk about Get Baque Records. A private amateurish 'label' which specializes in rare stuff, mainly from Europe, and all music is ripped from original vinyls and it's 100% D.I.Y. and pressed in a limited edition. I think someone has digitized his record collection and shares this in form of CD-R with us, simple artwork to that and finished is a small musical highlight. I'm sure this is a lot work and takes toil and time but the result is worth the effort. This is the first GBR compilation with twenty Spanish rarities 1978-1983. Well, whether I would sell them is another story. So, thirty degrees today, time for sun.

2.Esperando En La Puerta Del WC - BASURA
3.La Pluma Electrica - KAKA DE LUXE
4.General Idi Amin Dada - MORTIMER
5.El Rey Del Pollo Frito - RAMONCÍN Y W.C.?
6.Ira Roja - RED BOX EL ROJO
7.Ya Nadie Cree En Le Revolucion - ALMEN T.N.T.
8.Tieso De Talegos - ESCORBUTO CRONÍCO
9.Matanza De Una Noche De Verano - GARAGE
10.Muevete - MOTOS
12.Descontrol - PVP
13.Te Vere A Las Diez - SPRAYS
14.1984 Euroshima - T.N.T.
15.Muérete - LA UVI
16.Felices Dias En Auschwitz - INTERTERRÖR
17.Treblinka - KGB
18.Pow 1! - OX POW
19.Inkisición - VULPESS
20.Ella Sabe (Lo Que Tiene Que Hacer) - ZOQUILLOS


  1. Thank you very much for this Spanish comp.Wow...30 degrees there in May...Time is so crazy...Here's is usual 30-34 degrees 8among June and September , 'til mid or so)...Today the weather is 25 degrees (due to I live near the coast,but in the center will be over 30-32...Enjoy the day.

  2. The man behind the label does'nt want make some money with its cdr , I agree , just want to share.The volume "hard punkers" seems to be the more interesting and the power pearls I don't know if I will order him some CD.

  3. hot hot hot!!!! Yeah, It is not common this heat in late May but I enjoy every sunbeam.

    Well, I place all my selfmade CD-R accessible in my blog for everyone. On GBR I just came across by chance.