Saturday, 27 May 2017

DIMPLE MINDS - Der Maurer & Der König 1988

The Dimple Minds are a German metal-punk band from Bremen, founded in 1986. Musically, they are characterized by proximity of metal-rock (Nonnentanz), in the lyrics does alcohol play a central role. Quote: "Everything we want is soccer, rock, beer and hot womens!" Many serious plays are evidence of healthy self-irony: So are also personal weaknesses (for example, does not comply with exaggerated sexual expectations or lack of financial liquidity) processed several times in the songs. In some cases their records were sold only to people at the age of eighteen (???). - Visit the Dimple Minds at home for more info. This little sucker contains the 'Blau Auf'm Bau' EP from 1986 and 'Trinker An Die Macht' album from 1988. Now enjoy one or two cold beers!

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