Friday, 5 February 2016

V/A - Bloodstains Across Europe 1996

Friday morning and my computer mouse is broken and I torture myself as I write this line. Anyway, let's start with this delicious compilation by rare 7Inches from Europe and except the Aheads one are all complete, A and B side I mean, I think the same concept was taken for the Killed By Death # 77 comp. - well, we need sometimes something new and in these rapid days we all have to be flexible, so the big machine requires that....all right, musically brilliant, artwork & infos perfect, and the back cover says: 500 copies, but with bootlegs nothing's true....only the music.... who cares? (and don't forget, flexibility)

1.British Refugee - SPITFIRE BOYS
2.Mein Kampf - SPITFIRE BOYS
3.Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas - EPPU NORMALI
4.Elvisken Kuolema - EPPU NORMALI
5.Nei Nei Nei - KJØTT
6.Blålys - KJØTT
7.Et Nytt Og Bedre Liv - KJØTT
8.Freedom Of Speach - AHEADS
9.No Idea - AHEADS
10.In Down Out Up - AHEADS
11.Cola Freaks - LOST KIDS
12.Rådden Dig - LOST KIDS
13.Alle Taler - LOST KIDS
14.Pelle I Skogen - TROGSTA TRÄSK
15.Sommarbarn - TROGSTA TRÄSK
16.Hot Love - NASAL BOYS
17.Die Wüste Lebt - NASAL BOYS
18.Charlie Was A Good Boy - DOGS
19.No Way - DOGS
20.Nineteen - DOGS
21.She's My Fan - NITWITZ
22.I Saw Her Again - NITWITZ
23.Reasons - NITWITZ
24.You're So - NITWITZ


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