Sunday, November 07, 2021

V/A - Planet Punk #3 2004

Planet Punk is/was another serie of selfmade compilations/revival from Chuck Warner’s Hyped2Death efforts, and before your requests for Volume 1 + 2 come, these are not available. The first appearances of this homework label in this theater have already been made through the Bad Teeth series and H2D is focused on early KBD slabs, sometimes worldwide, sometimes country-specific, and this Fucker is dedicated to rare European stuff. The exact year of publication is given by me, because I believe that it must have been generated at this time, of course I can be wrong, but that doesn't really matter, it is important that they exist and that people like Chuck make such treasures tangible and unforgettable, I am like him and as a regular reader of this blog you already got to know some nuggets from WDM RecordsWell, you can listen to thirty decent cool songs, most of them already on vinyl (click on the top left), but this compilation is just this kind of work that was cobbled with passion, a lot of time, heart & soul and deserves your respect and attention. Enjoy the delicate tones and Volume #4 is coming soon.

1.You Close Your Eyes - STINKY TOYS
2.Accident - STARSHOOTER
4.Dans Ton Lit - TÉLÉPHONE
5.J'Sais Pas Quoi Faire - TÉLÉPHONE
6.Electrifié - CALCINATOR
7.Non-stop Girls - THE VERMINES
8.Booze It's The Only Answer - THE VERMINES
9.Here Comes My Baby - DOGS
10.OK Carole - BIJOU
12.Tchang - WARUM JOE
13.Never Get Older - LES THUGS
14.I Need You - LES THUGS
15.To Sors De Ma Memoire - SNIPERS
16.Day Douldt - CHAOS
17.World War 3 - SICK
18.A Girl Like You - THE RAMBLERS
19.Hitch-Hike - LILIPUT
21.Movie Billy - TNT
22.Switzerland - SICK
23.I Think It's Over - JACK & THE RIPPERS
24.Get Someone To Love Me - RANCID X
25.Listless - S.I.B.
26.My Secret Life - S.I.B.
27.Intoxication - RANCID X
28.Ratas De Bizkaia - ESKORBUTO
29.Antimilitar - R.I.P.
30.Kaos - R.I.P.

- Great Thx to Mark -

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  1. TY
    Les Vermines is a must-have band. Among the best ones of the 80's French punk ''paysage.'