Saturday, November 06, 2021

V/A - Punk Territory Vol.4 - Italian Hardcore 1981-87 [1995]

Music as therapy is always important and is used far too little nowadays. November is depression month #1 (at least here in Europe and I also hate this month & I can imagine thirty-five degrees at the end of the year in our latitudes at some point) and I think the following recipe will take the shot forward and lie still in bed will not work at all. As psychologist, I prescribe: Punk Territory and Vol.4 takes us to the most beautiful living space I know; the Mediterranean! Part of that is Italy, where a number of effective drugs were developed in the Eighties that are still having an impact & have lost none of their popularity among experts. Ten bands are united on this pill, ten which hardly appeared on vinyl, only later honored with compilations, which show high energy and dynamic in their songs and thirty-three examples should suffice for this. If your demons don't rest, I recommend other volumes from the same serie.

1.Factory Of Cancer - THE WOPS
2.Your War - THE WOPS
3.Power - THE WOPS
5.Hateful Town - THE WOPS
6.Disordine - WRONG BOYS
7.Rabbia Repressa - WRONG BOYS
9.Il Suono E' Distruzione - WRONG BOYS
10.Urla Di Dolore - BLAXFEMA
11.Diagnosi: Morte In Arrivo - BLAXFEMA
12.Sabotaggio - BLAXFEMA
13.Natural - CRAPPING DOGS
14.Lazy Resistance - CRAPPING DOGS
15.Summerday - CRAPPING DOGS
17.Time Is Gone - TRAUMATIC
18.Cold City - TRAUMATIC
19.I Don't Mind - TRAUMATIC
20.No Man's Land - TRAUMATIC
21.Round'N'Round - TRAUMATIC
22.Last Kid From Nowhere - TRAUMATIC
23.Fuckland Islands - WARHEAD
24.Strangers - WARHEAD
25.Bandiere Minacciose - DICTATRISTA
26.Crociate - DICTATRISTA
27.Horror Movie - DICTATRISTA
28.Vendetta/Nuova Speranza Nuova Rivolta - STAZIONE SUICIDA
29.Reality - U.N.S.
30.No Name - U.N.S.
31.Memory Blank - U.N.S.
32.Timeless - U.N.S.
33.5/Quarti - U.N.S.

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

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