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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

V/A - Bad Teeth #4: UK & Irish Punk Bands 1977-1982

Before I switch to SGE against Cologne today the last volume of Bad Teeth and before you ask 'Where's # 2?', don't exist. Again generated by Hyped To Death with Punk/Powerpop bands V-Z. The rip was improved a little by me, because the original CD scratches at the beginning what you can hear on song # 4 and I placed one more rare piece by the Vektors at the end of the compilation. One more little hint, Zeppo & The Zepp Zepps is a Swedish band. Enough blah blah, enjoy the music and look forward, like me, to hopefully more H2D issues in this theatre. Don't miss Volume 1+3 and complete your collection.

1.Mixed Up World - VICTIM
2.That's It - V2
3.It Don't Mean Nothing At All - THE VALVES
4.I Don't Know Why - THE VEKTORS
5.Uniforms - THE WALL
6.Can't Wait Til '78 - THE WASPS
7.No Such Thing - THE VIPES
8.Who Knows - THE VIP's
9.I Need You - VICTIM
10.When The World Isn't There - V2
11.Bad News - X-DREAMYSTS
12.Radio Fun - THE ZEROS
13.Ode To Johnny Rotten - ZEPPO & THE ZEPP ZEPPS
14.Pay As You Earn - WHIZZ KIDS
15.Teenage Treats - THE WASPS
16.Freedom Man - X-CELLS
17.The Teenage - VICTIM
18.Worthless Trash - THE VACANTS
19.Nymphomania - VERMILLION
20.Exchange - THE WALL
21.1000 Marching Feet - THE XPOZEZ
22.Be My New York Doll - THE XPOZEZ
23.We're No Angels - ZONES
24.Imaginary - XS ENERGY
26.Who Are You - THE WALL
28.Nothing To Declare - SUSPECTS
29.Yesterdays's Dream - THE VEKTORS

- Big Thx to Mark -

Friday, November 08, 2019

V/A - Bad Teeth #3: U.K. Mod & Modpunk 1977-1982

Weekend is near and be ready for the next round Bad Teeth, the first Volume was largely positive received by you and now be grateful for #3 with twenty eight more rare pieces from the early days. I'm always pleased with such marvelous selfmade compilations, because there is a lot to discover on the one hand and on the other, I appreciate the hard work that goes into it and I know how much time it takesThe detectives of Hyped 2 Death have done again first-class work and, with a bit of luck, you'll get one of those rare releases and share them with usA splendid start into Friday is guaranteed!

1.Murder Mystery - TEARJERKERS
2.Magic Roundabout - THE STIFFS
3.Money (That's Your Problem) - TONIGHT
4.Mistakes - THE SEIZE
5.I Don't Want My Heart To Rule My Head - SOCIAL SECURITY
6.Countdown - STINGRAYS
7.Ways & Means - SEVEN MINUTES
8.Out On The Town - THE SQUIBS
9.Amuse Yourself - STRANGE MOMENTS
10.Standard English - THE STIFFS
11.Against The World - THREE IMAGINARY BOYS
12.I'll Never Win - TEENBEATS
13.Party Clothes - SUBS
14.Yesterdays's Dream - THE VEKTORS
15.Steady With You - SALFORD JETS
16.I Believe - THE VIP's
17.Up To You - THE STOAT
18.Bad Connection - SQUARE PEG
19.Crazy Today - UXB
20.Office Girl - THE STOAT
21.Playing With Fire - TV 21
22.Friends - THE ZIPPS
23.Sunday's Mood - SHARP
24.Foreign Girls - TOURS
25.Right Way Home - X-DREAMISTS
26.Skateboarding In The U.K. - THE RIVALS
27.If I Could Stop Being A Boy - SQUARES
28.Debbie Jones - SQUIRE

- Big Thx to Mark -

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

V/A - Bad Teeth #1: U.K. & Irish Punk Bands 1977-1982

Last post today, and as you're used to in this theater, a great compilation created by Hyped To Death. A little introduction of the label from their page: "Rare, obscure, independent and undiscovered punk, post-punk, "D.I.Y." and Power Pop Groups from the US and UK 1977-1984. Hundreds and hundreds of bands dealing with compilations and dozens of releases of individual acts, all brilliantly restored on CD and custom CDRs. Plus tens of links and liner notes galore..." I think all their releases came out in limited editions and are not uninteresting for collectors. This one is my only copy, and try to find a disc by yourself is similar to finding the Holy Grail, almost impossible. The best way is to contact the label. Well, maybe more will follow or someone out there will send me some. Until then, enjoy it!

1.Capital City - SEMA 4
2.In For Me - THE SEIZE
3.Idle Rich - RAZAR
4.Both Sides - THE RIVALS
5.Sid Never Did It - THE SURGEONS
6.Anything She Wants - THE RUSSIANS
7.I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut - RIFF RAFF
9.Looking For Love - SHAG NASTY
10.I Wanna Be Free - THE RINGS
11.Two Steps Forward - THE SATELLITES
12.No Future - SCHOOL TIES
13.Ballistic Missile - ROSES ARE RED
14.I Don't Wanna Discuss That - SHOWBIZ KIDS
15.Good From The Bad - SKUNKS
16.Something To Give - RUBELLA BALLET
17.Red Alert - SQUAD
19.Don't Panic - RUEFREX
21.Think For Yourself - SCHOOLGIRL BITCH
22.Rabies - THE SAMPLES
23.Mein Kampf - SPITFIRE BOYS
24.Suicide - SISTER RAY
25.Animal - THE SINYX
26.Camera - SIX MINUTE WAR
27.Nonces - STENCH
28.Nothing To Declare - SUSPECTS
29.Wot's For Lunch, Mum? - THE SHAPES

Sunday, November 07, 2021

V/A - Planet Punk #3 2004

Planet Punk is/was another serie of selfmade compilations/revival from Chuck Warner’s Hyped2Death efforts, and before your requests for Volume 1 + 2 come, these are not available. The first appearances of this homework label in this theater have already been made through the Bad Teeth series and H2D is focused on early KBD slabs, sometimes worldwide, sometimes country-specific, and this Fucker is dedicated to rare European stuff. The exact year of publication is given by me, because I believe that it must have been generated at this time, of course I can be wrong, but that doesn't really matter, it is important that they exist and that people like Chuck make such treasures tangible and unforgettable, I am like him and as a regular reader of this blog you already got to know some nuggets from WDM RecordsWell, you can listen to thirty decent cool songs, most of them already on vinyl (click on the top left), but this compilation is just this kind of work that was cobbled with passion, a lot of time, heart & soul and deserves your respect and attention. Enjoy the delicate tones and Volume #4 is coming soon.

1.You Close Your Eyes - STINKY TOYS
2.Accident - STARSHOOTER
4.Dans Ton Lit - TÉLÉPHONE
5.J'Sais Pas Quoi Faire - TÉLÉPHONE
6.Electrifié - CALCINATOR
7.Non-Stop Girls - LES VERMINES
8.Booze It's The Only Answer - LES VERMINES
9.Here Comes My Baby - DOGS
10.OK Carole - BIJOU
12.Tchang - WARUM JOE
13.Never Get Older - LES THUGS
14.I Need You - LES THUGS
15.To Sors De Ma Memoire - SNIPERS
16.Day Douldt - CHAOS
17.World War 3 - SICK
18.A Girl Like You - THE RAMBLERS
19.Hitch-Hike - LILIPUT
21.Movie Billy - TNT
22.Switzerland - SICK
23.I Think It's Over - JACK & THE RIPPERS
24.Get Someone To Love Me - RANCID X
25.Listless - S.I.B.
26.My Secret Life - S.I.B.
27.Intoxication - RANCID X
28.Ratas De Bizkaia - ESKORBUTO
29.Antimilitar - R.I.P.
30.Kaos - R.I.P.

- Great Thx to Mark -