Friday, 8 November 2019

V/A - Bad Teeth #3: U.K. Mod & Modpunk 1977-1982

Weekend is near and be ready for the next round Bad Teeth, the first Volume was largely positive received by you and now be grateful for #3 with twenty eight more rare pieces from the early days. I'm always pleased with such marvelous selfmade compilations, because there is a lot to discover on the one hand and on the other, I appreciate the hard work that goes into it and I know how much time it takesThe detectives of Hyped 2 Death have done again first-class work and, with a bit of luck, you'll get one of those rare releases and share them with usA splendid start into Friday is guaranteed!

1.Murder Mystery - TEARJERKERS
2.Magic Roundabout - THE STIFFS
3.Money (That's Your Problem) - TONIGHT
4.Mistakes - THE SEIZE
5.I Don't Want My Heart To Rule My Head - SOCIAL SECURITY
6.Countdown - STINGRAYS
7.Ways & Means - SEVEN MINUTES
8.Out On The Town - THE SQUIBS
9.Amuse Yourself - STRANGE MOMENTS
10.Standard English - THE STIFFS
11.Against The World - THREE IMAGINARY BOYS
12.I'll Never Win - TEENBEATS
13.Party Clothes - SUBS
14.Yesterdays's Dream - THE VEKTORS
15.Steady With You - SALFORD JETS
16.I Believe - THE VIP's
17.Up To You - THE STOAT
18.Bad Connection - SQUARE PEG
19.Crazy Today - UXB
20.Office Girl - THE STOAT
21.Playing With Fire - TV 21
22.Friends - THE ZIPPS
23.Sunday's Mood - SHARP
24.Foreign Girls - TOURS
25.Right Way Home - X-DREAMISTS
26.Skateboarding In The U.K. - THE RIVALS
27.If I Could Stop Being A Boy - SQUARES
28.Debbie Jones - SQUIRE

- Big Thx to Mark -

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