Saturday, January 15, 2022

V/A - Planet Punk #4 2005

Second and last part of Planet Punk and with Volume 3, this little self-made series is already complete. H2D#26 is another tidbit full of rare stars from international bands that are still kicking ass, much in demand and popular in our fucking disillusioned times which bring little decent music to light in my opinion. Music is like inventions, there is nothing innovative that can really impress me, hardly any wow factor or thing that I can really admire. And I would say that for almost twenty years. Speaking of music, we all hear & see the so called "combos" thrown together, the TV shows which offer only shit and are played over and over by radio stations, all this crap is boring, repetitive and only geared towards profit, commercial shit and really sucks. It's really intoxicating to get acquainted with such music as on this further fantastic compilation and to eke out an existence far away from this dead & dull society. That are the words for Sunday, Amen! Enjoy the vibes of the good ole days!

1.Desire - THE STALIN
2.Hello New Punks - THE STAR CLUB
4.TV - SEX
5.Give Me Confusion - PAIN
6.Head Explosion - THE STALIN
7.D-Day Or Lost Day - THE WILLARD
9.Terciera Guera - FOGO CRUZADO
10.Ain't She Dumb - ROCKS
11.Revolution - X
12.Vem Har Gett Dom Rätten!? - REVOLT
13.I Lost My Legs - WARHEADS
14.Är Ungdomar Människor? - VACUM
15.Inuinem Rakkaus - RATSIA
16.Vik Hädan! Var Hälsad! - REVOLT
17.Moro M/System - WANNSKRÆKK
18.Dan Eften Bomben - STREBERS
19.Eibon - ASTA KASK
20.Tio Zynthar På En Rad - ZYNTHSLAKT
21.Rattus On Rautta - RATTUS
22.Kivisissa Metissa - VAU
23.Sticky Life - ROTZKOTZ
24.Wir Hams Satt - STRASSENJUNGS
25.Hey Punk - SLIME
26.C.I.A. - DER RIß
27.B Alarm - RAZZIA
28.Heute Norm Morgen Tod - S.Y.P.H.
29.We're Gonna Do What We Like - VOPO'S
30.I Don't Want To Be - BIZON KIDS
31.Two Wheels - SPEEDTWINS
32.God Save Rock'N'Roll - SUBWAY
33.Man Under My Bed - THE NIXE
34.I Got A Right - RONNIE URINI
35.Psychic Underground - TIMESHIFT
36.Pill Girl - VOGUE

- Great Thx to Mark -


  1. Hallo, wo ich SYPH lese, hast du zufällig die "Live hier und da"?

    Steht zwar bei mir im Schrank, brauche das Werk aber dringend fürs Auto.

    1. muss ich leider passen, schick mir die Platte und ich rip se.

    2. Danke für das Angebot. Hat sich aber erledigt. "Freu"

  2. hey! many thanks for this and all