Tuesday, November 26, 2019

IMPACT & EU'S ARSE - Split EP 1983

Superb split EP from the european mediterranean boot. The first side kicks off with Impact from Ferrara and together with Raw Power, Rappresaglia and Stigmathe, they belong to the pillars of the Italian hardcore scene. In business throughout the eighties, the group broke up at the beginning of the nineties, after the last publications, in which they had undergone a change of sound that disappointed the fans and partly also the same members of the group but they back with a series of concerts, Paul Root (vocals), Stefano "Janz" Ragazzi (guitars), Bistek (bass) and Alberto "Gigo" Gigante (drums). In 1983 they started collaborating with Eu's Arse, which results in this self-produced Split EP. On these recordings 'Infa' appears for the first time on the mic & they earned positive reviews of the San Francisco Maximumrocknroll fanzine, which monthly held a column on the international hardcore scene. In 1984 they were then invited by Dave Dictor from MDC to participate in the double P.E.A.C.E. Benefit compilationIn 1985 Impact released via Chaos Produzioni their debut Solo Odio with ten energetic, political smasher, today one of the most representative of Italian hardcore. In the ensuing tour, the group followed various changes of formation that found stability with the passage of Bistek to the voice and the entry of Diego Fabbri, previously a member of Total Disarmament. Two 7Inches followed, 1990 the second album Tutto Tace but record does not receive the approval of the previous ones, triggering a spiral that will lead the group to the dissolution in 1992.

Eu's Arse from Udine were formed in the early eighties and together with Upset Noise they were among the most important groups of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia scene. The band take their name from the name assigned to the Italian punks from European and English punks, and consisted of Stefano (vocals), Teo (guitars), Gianluca (bass) and Luca (drums). In 1982 they participated in the Spring Offensive festival at the Virus Social Center in Milan, then immediately publishing their first EP Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo. The record was supported by the New Fahrenheit fanzine. In 1983 this split EP. In a review of Maximumrocknroll describes the sound as "a combination of repetitive Discharge matrix riffs combined with an unpleasant sounding voice reminiscent of a poet in the throes of furious madness". After a long tour and numerous training changes, the group broke up in 1985. So that's the story, now music!

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