Wednesday, November 06, 2019

BIG BOYS - Lullabies Help The Brain Grow 1983

Moment Productions released the third album by Big Boys from Austin/Texas. They were a pioneering punk band who are credited with having helped to create and introduce skate punk as a new style of music, which became popular in the 1980s. They also were famous by bring elements of funk into their hardcore punk style. Band members were Randy "Biscuit" Turner (vocals), Tim Kerr (guitar) and Chris (bass). The key members of the band were childhood friends for a decade before the band was started. Over the years the group played with five drummers in all; Steve Collier, Greg Murray, Fred Schultz, Rey Washam and Kevin Tubb who played only one show (the band's first) because Collier was sick. The hardcore punk style, a development from the earlier punk sound, arose spontaneously in various cities, but in Austin it was represented by MDC, Big Boys, The Huns, The Skunks and The Dicks. The bands often played together; Big Boys and The Dicks jointly released a split single and an LP, Live @ Raul's. Their gigs were legendary, frequently involving food fights, with "Biscuit" frequently sporting a pink ballerina's tutu and pink cowboy boots. Invitations would be made to the audience to come up and sing along, which often occurred. At the end of early shows, the band was famous for yelling, "OK y'all, go start your own band." Big Boys were innovative in many ways and were influential in the direction music and music scenes would take in their wake. In 1984 the band broke up.

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