Tuesday, 21 March 2017

NORMAHL - Der Adler Ist Gelandet 1984

I think this record was a request by a visitor from the babbelstub and I'm chaotic and forget a lot but here I am sure. This is the third 12'' by Normahl, founded 1978 in Winnenden, near Stuttgart. Released via Mülleimer Records and as a cool bonus were the songs from the rare Stuttgart Über Alles EP packed, eine tolle Sache. The band had unfortunately never the reputation like the other German bands on AGR or Weird System although they wrote brilliant music with offensive lyrics (especially on this album). They were put into the fun-punk drawer and so they had this stigma on their throats. Sure, many songs go in this direction but I think Normahl have recognized the signs of the time and they want fun and brought clear their attitude and political statement over and take no leaf before the mouth. Well, this record is one of their best and was even released in red vinyl. A German classic!

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  1. Wie wahr! Vor allem die alten Sachen von Normahl sind DeutschPunk at its best!