Tuesday, 21 March 2017

COBRA - Indie Omnibus 82-86

A trip into the land of the rising sun and let's meet Cobra, a Japanese punk/Oi! band from Osaka and they were one of the first bands in Japan to incorporate the style of Oi! in their sound and since 1982 they are more or less active. A lot of records are released and the band is still alive. Of course it's not easy to get their records in Europe so this rip is not mine and I can't say how many copies were pressed from this CD but it's a nice compilation of their early recordings and when the music is not so stressful as much of the Pacific Island then I like that. Fourteen melodic punk lullabys in this file, mostly from their 7Inches and other sources (use the search option top left), gives you a decent impression from Yosu-Ko and his band. This picking was released 1991 via AA Records/Pony Canyon, grab it!


  1. Thank you very much for this Japanese rarity and following entries. I wish you happy weekend, my friend:)

    1. It's 10 hours away, wish you a cold beer on a sunny day, Prost!